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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Look at the Sidebar--->

About a month ago, someone approached me via email about adding a button to the sidebar of my blog. It was called "Daily Deals." Since Charlie loves his "Daily Deals," I decided to put it up. Through all my illness and recovery, the deal sat. Now, I have it posted. This is not exactly the same thing Charlie uses, but it does have some good information.

I have looked at some of the information. Click on it and look around. No, I don't get paid by the click! Let me know what you think. Every day there will be a new daily deal. Then, there are sites with coupons.

Your turn
Don't hold back. What do you think of the button and site?


  1. There's a big blank white square with a Title called Swidget 1.0... Nothing called Daily Deal.

  2. FDU,
    It shows up on my screen. But, it is slow in loading. Thanks for telling me about this. Can you let it sit for a bit, like 30 seconds more, and look at it again. It is under the Swagbuck button. Okay, it does not say "daily deal." It says "Frugal Dad." The button has four sections.

  3. lovely new sidebar, Practical! I'll have to remember to look over there each timer I pop in. thanks!

  4. I can see it but swag bucks is now gone. I'll start checking out frugl dad right now.

  5. Dmarie,
    Thanks. I looked and found some good coupon sites.

    I can see swagbucks. Sometimes,it does not show up for 30 seconds on mine. Swagbucks will show up eventually.


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