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Friday, February 3, 2012


The first daffodil of 2012, blossomed on 2/2/12

Can you believe this weather, inhabitants of the South?


  1. part of me loves the warmer weather. what's not to love about weather in February warm enough to stroll Grandbaby in the park? here in western Kentucky, we'll be singing a different tune when the bugs eat us up in summer because it wasn't cold enough to kill them off! *sigh*

  2. Flowers in February. Oh my. Nice pic.

  3. DMarie,
    I was thinking about the horror of bugs in summer. I have been seeing mosquitoes already that are the size of small grasshoppers, and that are so sturdy they are impossible to kill with a simple swat. My neighbor was complained of being bitten by mosquitoes last week. sign and sigh...

    I was looking at your pictures right after I posted the picture, thinking it was such a difference!

    A mosquito JUST bit me!

  4. What a nice picture. The weather has been equally wacky here in my corner of the Midwest, where it was 65 degrees outside during much of the week. This time last year we were preparing for the blizzard that wasn't (we got six or seven inches of snow and not the foot-plus that was predicted), so this is slightly surreal.

    1. Thanks. It is surreal. Shocking. Hopefully, the winter will never come back. It has done that in the South before. The blizzard in 1993 was enough to last me a lifetime! Last year, I would have been shocked to get a blizzard, but we did get about 6 inches that stayed on the ground for a week, and it was this time of the year, also.

  5. Nice happy picture. I love daffodils! We are watching the snow melt here and no strms in sight. Or cold fronts. Its going to a very strange spring and summer I suppse? Gnats will be our problem....biting gnats.

  6. LindaM,
    I would rather have snow than biting gnats. I don't think we have biting gnats around here. I walk through gnats all the time, swarms of them in the evening when I walk around the house and under the clothes line. They never bother me unless they get in my nose when I breath or in my mouth.


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