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Monday, February 27, 2012

Inbox Dollar Purgatory

About four or five years ago a friend begged me to join Inbox Dollars. BEGGED ME! She said that I could earn cash from my joining and participating and she really needed money she would get for referring me and for my participation. I joined. She kept telling me how she made $30 every three months or so. Not me. EVER!

I hated it. I only clicked on emails to read. The surveys never panned out. I hated playing the games for money. Besides, she was spending money to play! My friend died two years ago. Good thing. I could kill her for all the email I have suffered through.

Finally, I just quit participating! I went on strike for at least a year, clicking on an email to read about once a month and deleting a hundred more in a month.

Giving up is hard to do. But, I did. I also conceded to the realization that making money two-cents at a time was grueling and demoralizing. Surveys started looking good to me, very good! I was in too far to quit. They owed me and owned me.

All weekend, I have been in sight of the goal. On Sunday, I went over the $30 goal, the amount one must reach to ask for a payment. I was at $30.41. THEN, when I requested payment, I was told there was a $3 check processing fee. Did I really want payment? Yes, oh, yes! Then I will disengage myself from this ongoing torture!

They have some nerve. I just want out of there. The catch? I have to keep participating to get my payment. The plan was to disengage them so email would stop! AND, they will not mail the check until April 2. Blankety blank! I am so mad I could spit! Caught up in purgatory called Inbox Dollars, that is where I am.

Will MY POINTS be so difficult?  What other site like this should I avoid? While I don't mind making piddly amounts, this was ridiculous. Although once I did their surveys, the last five-dollars did go fast. 

I felt chained to that site, continually being eaten like Prometheus bound to the boulder for stealing fire from Zeus with a giant eagle continually eating my liver. I am condemned to five more weeks of this assault.

Your turn
Have you had a bad experience like this with one of these sites? Please share and warn me, NOW!


  1. Nope - but I've avoided these things like the plague - from your experience good job that has been my policy.

  2. I tried them twice in the past but got so irritated I ditched them early in the process. As far as I can tell, all those sites are about the same. I figured I could earn money faster collecting change.

    I recently gave up all attempts to earn money online because of garbage that goes with it. Plus my business started picking up again recently.

    The one thing I did that I don't really regret was paid blog posts. I was getting $25 for each 200 word post assignment. It was fun and easy but kind of felt like selling out my blog.

    Good luck earning in what ever way you choose!

  3. "My friend died two years ago. Good thing." Sorry, just the wording of this made me laugh.
    Nope, I've never joined one of those sites. And now after reading this, I never will.

  4. Inbox Dollars never worked for me; I wanted to pull my hair out and smack the person who referred me within days. MyPoints I've used for over a year now with no problems. It takes me a long time to earn enough points to cash out, but that's because I stick to clicking offers, doing surveys and watching videos instead of buying things through their affiliate links.

    I've earned two $50 Walgreens gift cards in 13 or 14 months, which took a lot of patience. It seems that most people cash out for $10 gift cards instead, which is much faster but less economical when you crunch the numbers. One thing I'd recommend is not keeping your primary e-mail address on file with them; sign up with a less important e-mail account so you aren't as bugged by their messages.

    The first month or two of your membership you probably won't receive many of those "click here for 5 points" offers, which seems counterproductive to me (as it immediately sours new users on the experience), but they'll arrive eventually. Your ability to earn points there will ebb and flow; sometimes I wake up to five e-mails that yield no points whatsoever, but every now and then I'll earn 50 or even 150 points per day. My partner doesn't bother with the survey section of the site (which offers 50 to 75 points per completed survey and 10 points per survey you're screened out of) at all and earns markedly fewer points.

  5. Furtheron,
    You have been wise!

    I can earn money faster doing anything--collecting change, picking up cans, picking up pennies....anything. Yes, I have wanted to pull my hair out, pull my friends's hair out.

    Yes, I would have killed her. I kept complaining to her, but she assured me for a year after I signed up that she was making money,more than I.

    I won't play games and hate the surveys. You never get a point if the surveys don't want you. I certainly never buy anything, sign up for anything...just won't.

    Yes, cashing out on Swagbucks can either be fast or more economical. Since I only earn by searching, I get less money that way.

    Your experience gives me hope.

  6. I belong to one that I keep forgetting about. Its been years and I'm still not near the 30 doolar cash in mark. That is my own fault....I lost interest.

  7. LindaM,
    I lose interest when it goes so slowly. I am not great at Swagbucks, but, at least I can reward myself about every two weeks with a $5 Amazon card. Pinecone gives me about $12 each month. That bought some milk and gas last week!


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