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Monday, February 13, 2012

Chocolate Improves Math Skills

It's not hard to believe. Chocolate makes everything better. Read this to see how it works. There are lots more ways chocolate benefits a person.

Blogger is still not cooperating and no one at Blogger answers questions. So, Wordpress may be the better choice.  However, I don't know if I can afford it. At least I could make a link today.

Your turn
Are you getting chocolate for Valentine's Day? If I buy it myself, I will have chocolate.


  1. you left a question on my page asking what a nine-patch was...i was referring to a quilt section made up of nine-pieces of fabric, so called because it is generally formed of three rows of three. google nine-patch images for more...

  2. you're right, Linda, chocolate DOES make everything better!!

  3. Happy Valentines Day. You can gat lpplenty of blogging for free on wordpress. Its special features you pay for. This pink background loads way too slow for me.

    I love chocoate and am a moron with math! Why is it always me?!! LOXl!

  4. Chocolate is a food group, and a worthy one!

  5. Dmarie,

    It loads way too slow for me, too. The whole thing is slow. Now, I have teeny print on the whole thing.

    We always knew that, didn't we? People just don't listen.

  6. We made Valentine's Day brownies last night for my family and coworkers, so that will be our chocolate fix for today. I would not complain, though, if I was surprised with yet more chocolate!

    It's disheartening to hear that Blogger's tech support is so shabby. Wordpress has a lot of great free themes available and is definitely something to look into.

  7. Hops,
    It is not too late for me to make Valentine's brownies. I even have the heart-shaped little pans. Will I be able to carry my buttons for Paypal, swagbucks, and frugal dad? If so, I am going there.

    1. Linda, here's the Wordpress advertising policy:

      Swagbucks isn't on their list of banned sites, for what it's worth, but I couldn't ascertain what they'd make of it. It looks like PayPal buttons are fine:


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