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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Milk and Cereal Deal

There will be no pictures. Asterisks take the place of paragraph breaks since Blogger is not playing nicely. I'm not bragging, but...
Last week, on Wednesday I took advantage of a coupon in the grocery store ad and bought four boxes of Cheerios for $10 and got a gallon of milk free. Not content to take the deal offered me, I sweetened it a bit.
By shopping on Wednesday I got the Senior discount of 5%.
I purchased the 4 cereals for $10 and got the milk free.
I used two coupons for $1 off two boxes of Cheerios. (-$2)
For the senior discount I got $.50 off.
Total was $8.35 for all the milk and cereal.
Since I had the $10 store gift card from the newspaper deal. I decided to do it again. Only, I did not have the same coupons and would not get the Senior discount on Saturday.
Saturday,I purchased the 4 cereals for $10 and got the milk free.
I used a coupon for $1 off three boxes of cereal.
The total was $9.85 for all the milk and cereal.
The $10 store gift card had $0.15 left.
This deal came out Wednesday, and already I have worked it twice. Each time I have gotten 3 boxes of Cheerios and 1 box of Golden Grahams. I will have to build an addition add in order to store cereal. I still have not consumed the Special K from a few weeks ago that I purchased with the same deal. Only one of the Golden Grahams did not have a coupon. So, 7 coupons for cereal used makes me happy. Last night, I spent an inordinate amount of time searching for the elusive Golden Graham coupon. I only need one.If I can print one or lay my hands on one, I will take it in for a refund of the coupon price.
Seriously, exbf will be a recipient of some of these boxes of cereal.
Cost before coupons: $36.62
Cost after coupons: $18.20-$9.85 gift card=$8.35
Bottom line, I saved 73% on milk and cereal.
Your turn
Has anyone else had the milk and cereal deal in your store? Have you been able to take advantage of it? Did you use coupons from the Internet or inserts? I am not bragging, just excited to spend 73% of what an item is worth. How have you been doing with coupons and sales?


  1. Wow, that is a good deal! I don't really use coupons--I eat either oatmeal or eggs in the morning, so cereal isn't something I'd be needing much of. Other things I get I stock up on when it's a low price--I should start with coupons though. If they are used in tandem with a sale I could do quite well though I'm paranoid about hanging on to expired ones.

  2. Thats really exciting! I already said before that I don't do coupons these days but it sure becomes tempting.

  3. Pamela,
    Since I don't have regular eggs coming from the hens, I eat more cereal of all kinds at breakfast. If I don't eat cereal at breakfast, sometimes I just eat it during the day for a snack. Besides, some of this will go to exbf.He does not cook at all, so he does eat cereal for breakfast.

    It does help with budget. Your children might have access to coupon inserts at school.Like I said to Pamela, some of this will be given to exbf. I still have 2 boxes of Special K plus these 8 boxes of cereal.

  4. Do you ever freeze milk when you get an excellent deal on it? I've never tried freezing milk but I'd be awfully tempted if I could get it for a great price.

  5. My friend Charlie gave me a gallon of frozen milk. It took two weeks to thaw in the refrigerator. By that time I wondered if the milk that thawed first was any good. It did not smell or taste bad, and the hens got most of it. They love milk.

    If I were going to thaw milk to use later, I would sterize pint jars and freeze in those so that I could access the milk. Who wants to wait two weeks for milk? Not I. I would have no fear of it at all. I would just be impatient. The sell-by date or use-by is Feb. 27, so it will be good for as long as I will be drinking it.

    Heating jars in the oven would be as good as boiling on the stove for storing milk.

  6. Hops,
    I meant--If I were going to freeze milk to use later.

  7. way to go! those cereals can be your emergency rations if you don't give them to exbf.


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