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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Blogging Insecurities: Poor Me

Tongue in cheek but true.
I keep thinking I have to work twice as hard as other bloggers to even be interesting, entertaining, or informative. Poor me! (just kidding) I don't have what it takes. What does it take? Since I cannot make a link, I will refer to my blog roll only. See? This is hard! Then, all of a sudden my bold capabilities disappeared! Now, I cannot use italics and I wonder if paragraph spacing has left.
...have none at home to report cute antics or misery in the wake of teens. Don't Read This; It's Boring and Frugal Down Under with adorable Molly and Don't Read This; It's Boring
tearing things apart, goats peeing in my bed, cats in the window, or llamas leading me on a run for freedom. Self Sustained Living and Hello; It's Me and Root Simple and Consumne Gal and most everyone
Okay, so I have chickens! Let me wallow in this, okay?
Husband or SO
to report his responses to my quirkiness or to make cool, useful things for me to use and then photograph. Barb's Backyard Self Sustained Living and Root Simple and Hello, It's Me
Desire to be a cooking blogger.
I cook, sure I do. But, sometimes I buy goodies and don't cook so that there is nothing to tempt me. I did buy Easter candy, Cadbury chocolate creme eggs. But, I ate them, all five in the pack. So, no pictures of those are available. Listen, I had to buy them early because last year, only the yucky vanilla or orange or strawberry fillings were left when Easter was near. Better Me-Better World
Musical or artistic career
to showcase my talents. Furtheron, talking to you.
Potty mouth and general disrespect for women,
whether feigned or true. Ornery Bastard and Bitchy Waiter (BW not about disrespect for women). Busted Knuckles has got that covered.
Political comments
...enough said. I do have my private opinions. Ornery Bastard
I am not. Life After Money and Frugal Down Under and Barb's Backyard
I am plain tired of writing, so I will have the rest of you in another pity party post where I will point out your stellar qualities I don't have.
And, I am going to put my awards on the blog if I can remember where they came from!
NOW, spell check does not give me the "ignore" button....sigh.
Your turn
What would you like to grump about today? Is all going well on your blog?


  1. You so do have what it takes and you do it without being braggy, purposely strange or self deluded. I like the blogs you mentioned to. Each is unique.
    I'm not grumpy today except that I want to go home.

  2. LindaM,
    Thanks. I just feel so shackled right now with blog limitations. That makes me grumpy!

    I know you must want to go home...soon. I detest being in the hospital and insure the doctor I cannot recover there. Home is what I need.

  3. Hello - firstly I can't help with the blogger issues - have you moved to the new interface? That generally is easier for links etc. as you have a button to help... select the text click link and enter the URL where you want to link to...

    My blog is neither this nor that really. Yes I use it a bit to try and advertise my music and that has some (very limited) success.

    I sometimes wonder why I bother - well cos I do really. I get about 20 reads per post on average and about 2 or 3 comments... Then suddenly you get 10 comments on a post with new bigger readership then suddenly 400 read one post (clearly something in it came up high on Google) and not one comment!

    Mine is an edited open diary really. In part it is more important as part of my recovery and I have met other recovering alcoholics / addicts through it and that is more valuable than how many read it etc.

    "To thine own self be true"

    1. Furtheron,
      Thanks. I keep looking at the new interface button and wondering if I really dare do it. Or, will I just open Pandora's box of blog troubles.

      I have noticed the wide fluctuations that you mention. When the numbers and comments are high, I am elated. Then, it all hits rock bottom.

      Keeping a diary can be helpful. I read of your trouble with alcohol. My best friend was an alcoholic and had some of the same actions/thoughts as you did. He could have read your blog and might have been helped. He felt like no one else understood just how it was in his head.

  4. *chuckle* you keep amusing me, Practical! I'd like to grump about the eggplant sitting in my fridge waiting for me to feel like cooking. hate days when I need to cook something but reallly don't feel like cooking!

  5. Dmarie,
    If I liked eggplant at all, I would trade you eggplant duty for blog

  6. Dear Linda, I'm an occasional dropper-in and I always like what you have to say. You've a great sense of humour and tongue-in-cheek quips. My problem is that I follow a lot of bloggers but find it really hard to keep visiting as much as everyone else.
    Love your chicken updates too :D)
    Keep blogging xx

    I've just tried to post this comment and thought I'd go back into 'edit' and add a bit more because latest double-word verification is really hard to read - I kept getting the words wrong. Would've given up and just not left a comment. From what I read on some others' blogs, they are of the same opinion. However, thought I'd let you know. I've chosen to turn word verification off and just use comment moderation to control the spam. Just a thought!! Cheers xx

  7. Susan,
    Thanks for dropping by and the encouraging words. I did the word verification wrong six times on one blog. If I had not had a post already written, I would have just gone away. I may do that--turn off the word verification. I have only gotten one spam, ever.

    Thanks.Drop in more often.

  8. I don't know if all those quips and topics are really necessary. They may be the things that bring you to the blog to begin with, but after a while, isn't it just about the people?

    I mean, I didn't start following your blog because I expected to hear about children or animals or husbands. I started following your blog because we were on that group together for so long, and even though I don't follow it any more, there were certain people who I wanted to keep in touch with.

    Just be yourself. Write what interests you. Or what pisses you off. Or what makes you smile. I follow to keep up on what's going on with you.

  9. Your blog is plenty entertaining just the way it is! I feel like I've learned something with each post I've read, and as others have said, your sense of humor really comes through well.

  10. Wendy,
    It just seems so Oh, you do know me. I will write what interests me. I just feel so shackled when the blog does not work...working NOW! After feeling shackled by the blog limitations for a few days, I get grumpy and self-deprecating, well, more so than usual.

    Thanks.I try! People in real life say I have a sense of humor.


For the present, I am taking comment moderation off the blog.