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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Make Your Own Baking Powder

contains aluminum
Why on earth would you want to make baking powder when you can buy it from the store? People ask me this kind of question all the time. The same people are appalled that I do not purchase toilet paper.

I assume, dear parsimonious readers, I won't shock anyone reading this. It's just nice to know things for the future! Why? Here's why.

*First of all, you may have run out of baking powder and cannot or do not want to stop and go shopping.
*Second, you may have plenty of baking powder and discover it is waaay out of date.
*Third, (this is for preppers) baking powder may no longer be available in your situation.
*Fourth, maybe you, like I, do not want aluminum in your food.

The recipe:

1 tsp baking soda
2 tsp cream of tartar

Stir in small dry bowl with dry fork.

That's it. Just make sure nothing has moisture or salt on it when you are making this. Make just what you need since this will be ruined by moisture. If you want to make more at once, add a tsp of corn starch to the mixture. Stir thoroughly. Store in airtight container. I would use a small canning jar with lid and ring. At Christmas, you might want to make enough to last through your baking spree. At other times, make just what you need. I have some 2-ounce Ball Canning/Freezing jars that I would feel comfortable storing a few teaspoons of homemade baking powder.

If you are a prepper, you only need baking soda and cream of tartar. Both have long shelf lives. I finally used my Calumet the brand I have used my whole life and that my mother used. Now, I will use the brand below or make my own.

no aluminum
Would you rather avoid aluminum and still purchase baking powder?  If so, purchase baking powder that is free of aluminum-- Argo Baking Powder.

Your turn
Have you ever made you own baking powder? Does it work for you? Do you make it in large amounts to store? Do you try to avoid aluminum? Just say something so I won't feel so alone.


  1. Nope. Never even thought about it. Where does cream of tartar come from? Can you make it yourself too?

  2. I have made it and it wors just fine. I made it because I kept frgetting to buy it duing the holiday and the kids wanted to bake. Actuallly, Jasmine made it...she filled the small empty container we saved from the last time we bought it. No aluminum!

  3. Wendy,
    Look in the baking section.


  4. I made it a couple weeks ago because I ran out and didn't have the money to buy more. The only reason I don't do it all the time is because Cream of Tartar is about 5x more expensive than baking powder - even without aluminum.

  5. Well! I had no idea there was aluminium in baking powder. How many other toxins are allowed in our food? Don't answer that. Retorical question :-)

  6. We'll have to try this sometime when we have cream of tartar, which is one of those things (like powdered milk) that I'd like to keep on hand if I can ever find a really good deal on it. Currently we use Clabber Girl baking powder, which as far as I know is not aluminum free. I'm shocked that this has escaped my partner's attention; she already had us switch to an aluminum-free deodorant brand.

  7. Lorie,
    I understand about cost. I wonder what it will cost to "fix" our health problems caused by aluminum?

    I am quite sure I could not compile a comprehensive list even if I were inclined.

    I don't know about Clabber Girl even though I am familiar with it and have used it. Probably, it does.

  8. Wendy,
    I think I misunderstood your question. Go here for answers to cream of tartar. And, read comments for a clearer understanding of the cautions.

    1. Thanks, Linda. I'll check that out.


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