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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gone to Hell in a Handbasket

My blog experience on Blogger has been deteriorating since Day 1. I can no longer see my side columns. Lots of functions just don't exist for me. Blogger never responds. No one in support responds.

Can you see both my side columns?

I would quickly change to, but there is some restriction of ads. I will not give up my one ad.

Computer people that I would pay if I could pay do not want me to watch them. If a person does not know my problem and I cannot articulate it, just show, then paid support is worthless. No, none of these guys knows anything about Blogger, but will try to fix it. No thanks.

Day 1 problem: Use the little slider on the right to move down to the bottom of my page. You will pass miles of pink page and when you are within a fourth of an inch of the bottom of the slider thing, you will see more blog waaay down there. Useless!

I have been told by a person online that some command/code has been replicated 10s of 1000s of times to make that big pink gap. But, the person online refused to help.

While I refuse to give up, I cannot spend the 40+ hours I have spent in the last three days to solve this problem. My head hurts from beating it against blogger. It's bloody. And, I need to dishes and laundry, at the very least.

Okay, venting done.

Maybe the paragraphs will show up and this will not be a huge block of text.

Your turn (I cannot even use bold)
Any solutions? Anyone else had this problem?


  1. Hm. I can see the sides, but also see what you mean about the bottom section. Have you tried changing to a different template/ arrangement of your blog elements?

  2. I can see the sides too, and the big gap before your labels at the bottom. No paragraphs, and your blog has been beige for me for about a week. I think your sides are opposite to what they used to be, too. Blog list on the left, parsimony on the right.

    One of my posts last week had extra space between paragraphs, but that's the worst I've had to deal with so far. (Knock on wood).

    I hope you get it sorted out soon!

  3. I can see the columns on both sides

  4. Sides look fine but that bottom part would drive me to drink. Fred handles all my blogging problems.
    Good luck!

  5. Hi Linda, are you familiar with CSS and have you made any changes to yours?

    I am no expert but if you want me to take a look behind the scenes I will be happy to do that. No guarantees that I can fix it but I have been playing with code and blogger blogs for a couple years.

    If that is something you would like me to do, you can email me directly. In case you no longer have it, my email is mrsdunlevy @ gmail . com (without the spaces of course)

    Good Luck!

  6. Rae,
    During the night last night, I changed to several other no one would think I lost my mind.

    It starts small!

    May I borrow Fred?

    Furtheron and Pamela,
    Thanks for the response. I was afraid you all were being denied reading my stellar words.

    Hey, I will write and add you to editors. Thanks.
    CSS? I haven't a clue as to what you are talking about.

  7. Mark,
    That huge space became a permanent part of my blog the day I created the blog! I have been slugging down more Diet Coke Caffeine Free. I am trying to cut back.

  8. Lorie,
    Since I don't know what CSS is, I don't know if I changed anything or not.

  9. Looks fixed now - did Lorie help sort it out?

  10. happy to say I see both columns. what a frustrating business!!

  11. I can see all columns but to be honest your blog has always been a nightmare to load as it seems to take ages - at least 5 mins if not more.Is there far too much info etc on a page or is it some kind of coding error? I read a lot of blogs and some of them are more cluttered looking than this one but yet it always takes ages to load even with my good connection broadband.

  12. @Athyn, is it still loading slowly for you? I did remove a lot of coding errors last night and it seems fixed from my end. Linda is still having trouble seeing all the columns from her computer tho. I would be curious to know if what I did made any difference.

    Of course, I already deleted the passwords so I can't get back in unless Linda wants me too - LOL.

  13. Athyn,
    My blog has been a nightmare for ME to load. There was large space with problem code I think. So, it is gone. Lorie and Charlie (Sasquatch) are working on it. I appreciate your comments, oh so much.

    I can put you back on. I took Charlie off, too just so I could have your feed back when you are not a writer or whatever it is we three were called--editors, maybe.. His computer shows three columns. Mine still shows only one. The design page shows three columns. I want to pull my hair out. So, I am cleaning hair and dust from beween the laptop keys. It beats pulling hair out of my head.

    Charlie is installing AVG. He is looking at the code from my page with one column and his view of my blog on his computer to see if he can see a difference in the code. I am lost.


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