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Friday, February 17, 2012

Pray for my Friend, Please

LindaM is going to have surgery tomorrow to remove cancer from her bowel. She will have a colostomy bag. Okay, so now I cannot make a link, AGAIN. Her blog is Hello, It's Me-- in my blog roll.
She is resigned to this procedure that will change her life. To live she must fight. She has a strong, fighter spirit. Yet, this must tax her courage to the utmost. It would mine.
I live way down South and she lives way up North. We have never met, but have become fast friends and confidants. Some day, we will meet. I am sure.
Several friends have been contacted about prayer for her. At this point at least six churches have her on their prayer lists. She wants your prayers for her surgery and the ensuing fight against cancer.
This all makes me very sad. Join me in whatever way you can to wish her the best outcome and lend moral support. Her teen daughter may update her blog but probably won't answer questions.


  1. My ability to make paragraphs went away, again.

  2. Linda
    Thanks for your ongoing support and good thoughts. You've proven to be a true friend to me. Big hugs to you.

  3. Linda - we have her in our prayers. and are sending the warmest, healing, healthy vibes and will not stop until she is safe at home!

    your friend,

  4. Furtheron and kymber,
    Thanks so much. I thought I posted this comment once!

  5. I will never forget the number of people praying for my safe recovery when I was in hospital a while ago. I found out after the fact that people I didn't even know were praying because I was so-and-so's sister. I think I would be a thankless soul, if in return, I didn't pray for folk in their hour of needed.

    I will definitley be praying for your friend's safety during her surgery and recovery, and for the surgeon and staff who hold her in their care.


  6. Sue,
    These people don't know her. None of them even knew about her. They are doing what LindaM desires because I asked them to.I appreciate your desire to return the favor. The surgeons need all wisdom and skills they possess to help her survive this ordeal. By now, they should know if she is stage 3 or 4. Thank you.

    1. Linda, how did your friend pull through her surgery? Have you heard anything yet? Recovery will probably be more difficult on her than the procedure. Still sending up prayers.

  7. Sue, thanks for asking. I don't know. I sent her an email today and keep watching her blog for any news from her daughter. I watch, wait, and worry.


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