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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just a tiny perk

Since I have an Office Max reward of $48 for recycling cartridges, I went in to purchase something I needed. There was a sign on the counter: "If I don't ask you if you want paper, you get a Coke free."

When the transaction was finished, and he had definitely finished talking to me, AND was leaving the register, I paused and said, "Ummm, you did not offer me paper, do I really get a free Coke?" Man, I am thinking this is waaay too easy. "Yes, get yourself a Coke." He smiled as he left. Depending on the location, the 20 oz Cokes are usually about $1.79. I am still smiling.

The Cokes were in the tall refrigerated cases. Only this case was just a case because the refrigeration was not working. I do have ice at home.

Your turn
I have never had a cashier fail to say or do whatever was needed to avoid giving me the little freebie. Have you? This was a new win, so I was just a bit too happy over only a Coke.


  1. LOVE free stuff...what a nice surprise!

  2. And, I love Coke. I have been waiting for years for a cashier to


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