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Friday, October 7, 2011

Temporary, no-cost fix

temporary fix

after breaking and before temporary fix

In order to ease my stressed frugal, cheap, parsimonious, financially stressed mind and not wealthy mind, I took my car for an estimate. We, car and I, went to a body shop that has done all my body work in the past. Plus, I trust them and have known the family for 35 years.

Sometimes, knowing the news, whether good or bad is better than not knowing at all.

He offered to put some transparent, red tape over the light. I didn't know such a thing existed. He took a razor blade and carefully cut around the tape so that it does not look like a patch. Also, the tape does not touch what is left of the paint on the car.

He made a few calls.
cost for one 2000 Malibu, outer tail light:
after market--$169
another option--get someone to go remove the right tail light from the junkyard if it will be cheaper. I think that might be cheaper. Now, I have to figure who is willing that will also know how to remove the tail light and how to get the right one!

1-2-3 Group primal scream now!

I don't consider this repair cosmetic. Guess what I will get when I can afford it. I wonder if this part could be found more cheaply.

This repair is going to cost the earth in resources. That is just not right. The little red plastic lens replacement would be so much kinder to the earth.

The first picture was taken at night. The second picture was taken in full blazing sun.
Okay, no more car tail light repair posts.

Your turn
Do car repairs of any sort throw your budget so far out of whack that you are stressed?  Are you as annoyed as I am when you have to replace whole chunks of your car when a little red lens-like piece could have been made replaceable for less money and less waste in earth's resources? Do you go for the cheap repair when it is not a vital, moving, functioning part of your car?


  1. My son and his friends go to the u pull it yard often. I was able to get a similar cover for my mini van for 32 bucks so it may be worth checking into

    good luck


  2. Judy, that price sounds fabulous. Now, to find someone to pull it! The first, last, and only time I went to a junkyard, the guy said, "Go across the highway. Find what you want, take it off, and bring it back here." I just told a friend that tonight. The friend said the guy was a (dirty word). I also hear it is held on with a couple of screws. Surely, I can find someone to do that for me without charging me too much.

  3. Linda
    Call the junkyards first to see if they have your model car. They do know. Some even know if they still have the part. We do this all the tine for car repairs and only buy used if this option fails.
    I'm sorry to hear that this happened to you at all. I know how it feels.

  4. LindaM,
    Monday, I will start doing that. I have already made lists. The red tape costs $2.12 for a roll. He used the whole roll. If necessary, I can keep putting a new roll on each time it starts coming loose.

  5. Good. I'm sure you know to ask the price. Its easy enough to do if your exbf will go with you. These places are a bit creepy in my opinion. You might be able to do the job yourself but theres lots of walking involved usually. Good luck.

  6. LindaM,
    There is no way I am walking acres of junkyards or driving the miles to each one. Exbf will not be back for two weeks because of a prior engagement this next week. He needs a hip replacement (not next week), so I will not ask him to do this. Yes, they are creepy, plus, I cannot pull it off when and if I find it. I don't know even my own car body if it is a different color or far away. I can make calls and pay for it. But, I am not sure I even have the money for it right now. I can make the calls this week.

  7. We just had to spend $96 on our car after bottoming out in a construction zone on our roadtrip last week. Bummer, but still $96 for auto repairs isn't that bad.

    I hope you can figure out an inexpensive solution. I have used a junkyard to find a part and it certainly did save quite a bit.

  8. So sorry you had the car bottom out. I hate unknown construction zones! $2.12 once a month for tape will probably be my solution.


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