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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rose Hips for Vitamin C--learn more

Of course, there are people who use this free rose hip resource everyday or have it in their lives. I don't.  However, my friend who was into herbs told me about hips, but she died before I could learn anything. If anything ever happened citrus fruit or to our other sources of foods with Vitamin C.  If you want to supplement your diet, rose hips are a very frugal way to do so.

Two bloggers who know all about rose hips will help us out today.

My friend, LindaM, over at Hello, It's Me wrote a post upon my query  in  Emergency Nutrients: Vitamin C and Rose Hips.
When we have a frost, I will check the ones I will try to locate right now. Why did I not mark where the roses were all summer around town?  There are two varieties in my yard at the edges and difficult to reach.
Likewise, Wendy at Little House in the Big Wood posted about rose hips. She included pictures, although not from her own hips. Those hips look big as

Both these Internet friends have shared information that I will have to reread a couple of times. Thanks a bunch! Wendy and LindaM are very interesting bloggers. Both husbands lost jobs. Both moved to be able to be more self-sufficient. They seem to be very successful. Both husbands found new jobs. Yay for Wendy. Her husband must have been out of work for two days, if that. Check these blogs by clicking on their blog titles for information about hips.

Wendy butchers road kill and other large and small animals for her freezer. LindaM gets her exercise from chasing the Dalai company I keep....hmmm? I so admire both of them and their successes.

Your turn
Do you already make rose hip tea? Have you got this on your list of emergency foraging?


  1. ooh, this is one of those tidbits that I hope sticks in my memory banks! thanks for the links too, Linda!!

  2. Thanks for the link back and the nice comments about me and my blog Linda. I admire you too:)

  3. Dmarie,
    It seems that the older I get the more times I have to stick things back in the memory You're welcome.

    I guess we will have to have a mutual admiration society.,,lol. I cannot wait for a frost. We had a light and scattered frost a few days ago, but not enough, I am thinking.

  4. I made rosehip and apple jelly which is fabulous on pork and chicken.

  5. Attila,
    Do you have a recipe to share? It sounds yummy. Thanks.


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