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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gourd Festival 2011

Can you tell which one is me?

This is such a clever idea. People were free to make pictures without paying someone to do it. I was too tall for the hole, so I could not hold still and bend because of my back. I have my chin resting on the edge....ouch, plus I have a funny-looking chin in the picture.
such a pretty gourd will dry to be green

A gourd transformed

I did not mean to get her behind
snake gourds
corralled gourds

Picked too early
Some gourds are displayed free-range

I have to go to the doctor today to see the results of the shoulder MRI. Before that, I am teaching Charlie to can. This should be fun. NOT. I am taking all my canning equipment less jars, flats, and rings to his house.

This year's crop of gourds are still lying in the fields. The dried gourds here are from last year. The green apple gourds that are on the table may never dry. They may rot. Drying on the vine gives gourds the best chance of drying instead of rotting.

Displayed were snake gourds, birdhouse gourds, long neck gourds, apple gourds, strawberry gourds, and egg gourds and more that I cannot remember. Plus, tiny gourds only about 1.5 or 2 inches were for sale. Vendors make earrings from those.  

Saturday, I did not go inside the civic center where all the pretty things were. It costs $3, money I was not willing to part with. Besides, I was exhausted because I went to a yard sale at Sportsman's Lake Park. I may have spent $3 there, but walked too much. Even Tuesday night, I can feel the effects. But, it was worth the pain.

Next post, I will show you the gourd I bought in lieu of going inside.

I have been to the inside part of the festival many times, and I know what I missed--lots.

Your turn
Have you ever raised gourds? Have you ever attended a gourd festival? Do you buy gourds? 


  1. That is very cool! I'd never heard of a snake gourd before. How strange looking!

    Also, after the hair dye post I actually had stopped to wonder if I knew what you looked like. I didn't remember you ever posting a photo since I've been reading. And now I know!

  2. Cute photo!
    What are those red gourds in the apple gourd photo? Are these what they look like when ripened?
    I do not grow gourds myself but the pup runs into the overgrowth and occassionally comes out with small pear shaped gourds. I'd like to grow some though.
    What do you do with them?

  3. LindaM,I meant to go see. They may be dried gourds that have been colored. Shoe dye is what people use to color gourds. I make gourd birdhouses, gourd bird feeders, and used them for children to paint in a craft camp I conducted every summer for about a half dozen years.

  4. BLD,
    Try this

    If not the one of me, search for the post is entitled Kiss Me: I am Irish. Of course, it is around St. Patrick's Day...


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