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Saturday, October 29, 2011


Go over to DON'T READ THIS; IT'S BORING, follow her blog and you can win one of her many contests. I won a Redbox movie rental, Totino's Pizza and Pizza Rolls, popcorn box, two pizza-slice shaped and decorated plates, plus a wicked looking pizza cutter. My grandchildren in NYC will love this. However, the pizza cutter stays with Memaw.

I will probably put in a bag of popcorn since I am taking the pizza cutter, and they will be getting an empty popcorn box.

It may be really sad that I am soooo excited. I love to win things. One of the best things I ever won was a drill from a local hardware store. Oh, and an expensive playpen when I needed one to keep in the trunk of the car. We gave the expensive bottle of liquor to the head elder in our church.

Your turn
What is the last thing you won? What is the best thing you have won?


  1. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you! Best thing I won was money on slot machines. I am a miser so didn't play it back like casinos would like winners to do. And the last thing I won was a set of glass Anchor storage bowls with lids. BPA free no less.

  2. i am with LindaM and am sooo excited for you.

    the last thing i ever won and the very best thing ever - was jambaloney. i don't know how i got him, i don't know why i got him, i PTL everyday for him...and it feels like i won some crazy lottery.

    i have given up my rights to ever win anything ever again - not that i ever had any luck besides bad luck before meeting him - bahahahah! but all of that bad luck has been made up with meeting him and i honestly don't need to win anything ever again.

    so my friend, PracticalP - i pass off all of my rights to win anything to you.

    because i have really won the jackpot. and am soooo thankfull!

    your friend,

  3. LindaM,
    Thanks. I live hours from a casino in Tunica, MS. I would play a bit and back off as soon as that money was gone, keeping anything I won. Indian casinos (Tunica) don't have to post what they give back, so it's a bad deal. I am so NOT a gambler of any kind. Hey, storage bowls sounds like a good win.

    I cannot say it's all been bad luck, but I am sure waiting for the day Some sweetie WINS So, I will take your leftover luck! That was one fantastic win.

  4. Congrats! I won a Novica gift card the other day and I was so happy.

  5. I'm not sure what the best is, but I've won an iPod Touch from my dentist, tickets to see Ozzy in concert from work, and a boombox back in the day when I was a kid. I think I've won a few other things, but those are what stick out.

  6. Michelle P,
    Any gift card is nice. I would love to win a load of them for anywhere! Congratulations to you.

    I think all three are very good wins. I might not want the Ozzy concert, but others would like it. Ooooh, I forgot I won a toaster at the Southern Women's Show. It was one of the least prizes, but I used it when the 40 yr old one belonging to my grandmother quit one day.

  7. How wonderful for you! The last thing I won was a book from a publisher. The largest prize was a all expense paid trip for 7 days/6 nights to Hawaii from a store promotion.

  8. Anon, A book is always great. But, I think the trip to Hawaii beats everything. My winning streak was broken when I entered a car giveaway. So, I guess it is no big wins for me.

  9. My mechanics wife entered and won a car about 15 years ago. They had a small independent shop and the wife was always running around getting parts at all the shops around town for their business. She happened to run into a 7-11 type store for a quick drink and was encouraged to enter by the clerk. She wasn't going to take the time to fill out the form because she thought those things were a waste of time. She couldn't believe she won. They had to call her several times because she thought it was a joke someone was playing on her. It couldn't have happened to a nicer woman.

  10. That is how I won the drill and playpen--did not remember entering and store people told me they had to pressure me to win. I, also, kept calling back to see if it was a prank. If it were a car I won, there would be major skepticism on my part! I love these stories.

  11. I meant the people in the store had to pressure me to enter.

  12. I dont usually enter contests as I think they are usually a ploy to get my address for spam or junk mail. But when I was a kid I won a sweatshirt, and later a transistor radio from local radio stations.

    The most important thing I "won" recently is... I got a job. I was laid off as of early October, and in one week I had an offer that I accepted. Been there now 2 weeks. I am so fortunate given the state of the economy. And doubly fortunate because I am 63 with gray hair, and most people in the place are in their 20s, 30s and 40s, very few at my age; of course it is hard to tell ages, and maybe I look a little younger than my age (I can only hope...). But regardless, it is like winning the lottery to be hired at this age.

    I my view, getting a job counts as a big win.

    --Just a guy.

  13. I think anyone who does not have a job and got one within a week of a layoff would consider it a lottery. Congratulations. By the way, guys with gray hair are considered to be valuable producers. Congratulations on the big win! Hey, maybe they think you went gray prematurely.


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