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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Government agents can come in and destroy your food?: Farm to Fork Fiasco

I found this link about an atrocious injustice at the Root Simple blog, although I have never seen it mentioned on their blog as I can remember. I am outraged and so should you be if you even grow a tomato plant. Do you want the government telling you what you can eat or serve your guests? Actually coming into your home and demanding you destroy food? Thanks Root Simple.


  1. Hi Linda
    I have seen headlines in alternative press on this issue but haven't clicked yet. I will. From what you are saying in this post though, it doesn't really surprise me. You can read about another goverment confiscation that happened a couple of years ago-the Manna Storehouse.

    I am off to read the link you gave.

  2. i will read it too... i do not like the sound of this at all!

    thanks for sharing PracticalP!

    your friend,


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