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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stupendous sale price AND coupon

My eyes are always on the lookout for the peelies, coupon stickers on the package. I passed Revlon Color Silk. It had a peelie for $1, plus the price for the hair color was $3.14. I think it is usually about $4.50 at Walmart. I have never used this brand since I prefer Garnier.  My price today: $2.14.

I was going to put color on today. If this works, I will be back soon for all I can afford. If I don't like this first box, I can always tough it out for the price of the two I did buy. Or, I can return it. Or, I can use it every other time I color my hair. Last night, I bought two Garnier hair colors on sale for about $5 each at CVS, just before the went off sale.

If you don't have a WM or refuse to enter WM, this coupon or sale may be  at other stores.

Your turn
Will you change brands if the deal is good enough? I will on some things. On others I won't.


  1. I'm not very brand loyal I'm afraid. There are brands I wouldn't support but other than that, I'm happy just getting a good deal.

  2. I'm rather brand loyal, to my budget's detriment :-/

  3. tlc,
    So am I to a great degree. But,be brave and try the different brand or store brand if there is a sale, then you might find one or two things you like better or cannot tell the difference. Kroger canned pumpkin and frozen orange juice are better than Libby's pumpkin and Minute Maid frozen orange juice.


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