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Sunday, October 9, 2011

No More Free Tupperware Replacements?

all replaced and free
This is patently a lie, one told to me by my Tupperware Lady. I had two or three little glasses/tumblers about 2" across that were perfect for baby hands. I had  four to begin with I think. Along the way three cracked.  I told a Tupperware lady from whom I was buying Tupperware that I would like the little glasses replaced. She told me they were 20+ years old and I had gotten my money's worth. I told her that the point was that I had gotten a guarantee, a promise. She said that Tupperware no longer stands behind that agreement, but that she would give me 20 cents credit on each new tumbler I bought. Steaming and swearing to never, ever buy Tupperware again, I did as she said I could.

Thennnn, along the way, I was told that she lied, about 10 years after, and I could not find her. Oh, I know her name. It is on a magnet on the refrigerator so I will never forget the lying liar.

The five tumblers with the nifty water tight lid and spout lid, plus all the other lids and container  replacements were FREE. I had been cheated by this woman who lied and took my money and toward Tupperware by default. I have all but two of the cracked pieces that were replaced.  Now, to get them to Tupperware!

I was willing to just take two or three of the tumbler replacements for the ones that had cracked and had been stolen, but the Tupperware consultant insisted on giving me FIVE.

Then, I discovered that I had left off a canister lid. So, at Oktoberfest, a Tupperware Lady had a booth. Hurray for me! Unfortunately, I have to pay something to get the one last lid, but that's okay. The consultant who sent all this to me waived the charge because of the lie told to me. I feel fortunate and vindicated.

If only Tupperware headquarters would call me...they are not to be reached, obviously. Tupperware, I do believing this lying liar is an anomaly, probably still besmirching the good name of Tupperware.

This feels really good to have my canisters and other containers whole again. The lids don't match the cannisters and bowls. Why should I care when these are kept in cabinets? I don't.

I last bought Tupperware in about 1994, put off all these intervening years by the false information from the Tupperware Lady. Now, I cannot afford Tupperware. At yard sales I buy all canister lids and lone canisters, bereft of lids. VOILA! Soon, I have a match. (I match size not color.) In the meantime, lids are not hard to store and canisters can hold other items not needing a lid.

Now, if I only had about a dozen more spaghetti holders, the tall, narrow canisters sold for spaghetti by Tupperware.  I am not into serving pieces, just storage pieces. That includes tumblers with lids.

About the tumblers I received, the ones pictured: I have used two of them. Saturday, I took one with water as I went to Oktoberfest. I laid it on the dashboard while I entered the car. Thirty-minutes later, I remembered to right it. Not one drop of water had spilled. That makes me smile.

Beware unscrupulous Tupperware Ladies.

Tupperware dangers
Independent testing has cleared Tupperware of BPA contaminants. I read it on the A well-informed, green, gardening, bee-keeping, composting, recycling  professional from CA uses Tupperware as the means to protect foodstuffs from bugs, time, and earthquakes.

Your turn
Do you like Tupperware? Buy it? Have you ever gotten replacements? Have you been told that Tupperware no longer guarantees their products? Do you sell Tupperware? Are you afraid to use it because of BPA?


  1. We use a combination of old plastic yogurt containers and pyrex.

  2. nicoleandmaggie and kymber,
    I do save those all plastic containers from yogurt and such. They are most likely to be used to send food out with someone who is taking home leftovers. I only own Pyrex pie pans. I never got into Rubbermaid or Pyrex. I use glass jars from storebought food for storage.

    Am I the only person using Tupperware? LOL

  3. I didn't know about the guarantee. I have two pieces for keeping fruits and veggies fresh. They work and are really good quality.

  4. All Tupperware is replaceable for life for cracks/splits. If you burn it, no deal. If you slice it, no deal. I have had some lids crack right open. As you see, I got those replaced. I feel so good having three canisters more now. Plus, the white lids go on some salmon colored bowls I like to store things in the refrigerator. I love love love those glasses with water tight lids, spouts, and seals for the spout. They are not teeny spouts or flat ones. They are about the size of a coke bottle on the inside. At $35, I would never buy them. There were six, I thought, so I must have lost/misplaced one.

    I have two sets of canisters and only bought one set in 1975 after I moved into an infested parsonage. Eeeek! The other set were yard sale canisters bought one lid and one canister at a time.

  5. I have a long cake taker that is stickey. I have called a Gal here that I picked up her card at the Fair. She does not answer my phone messages. Where can I get a replacement?

  6. My cake taker is sticky too! I wonder what they will do aboit it, if anything.

    1. Have you tried Dawn or baking soda on it? That will work. I doubt they will. But, they may. That sticky part is from not using it in a long time and storing it in a home where gas heat is used. Or, just not used in a while. Let me know.

  7. I just got a garbage bag of tupperware at a church garage sale for about ten bucks. Some of the lids are a little cracked so I sure hope my lady will replace them.

    1. Anne,
      I never lie and say I bought the Tupperware. I just say I have cracked Tupperware and need it replaced. I have never had anyone turn me down except my "trusted" Tupperware lady. She lied but other Tupperware sellers have now told me they do replace the cracked T. By the way, they will tell you that you must pay shipping on each piece, about $4. I refuse, telling them that 10 lids will not cost $40 to ship. Let me know how it turns out.

  8. I sell Tupperware...I don't know who is telling you that the lids are $4 each to ship...shipping and handling is added PER ORDER, NOT ITEM....don't understand why some want to give all Tupperware consultants a bad name......I am sorry that any of you have a bad experience with Tupperware......let me know if you need anything....

    1. Carin,
      Thanks. I just refuse and tell them they can figure out something. They always offer to add my lid or lids to another order. Okay, going to check out your site.

  9. It is a shame but you will find unscrupulous people in every sector. Tupperware will always honor it's warranty as long as your item falls with in it. If you microwaved it when it wasn't microwavable, it's not covered. As your previous commenter said they should not be charging you a shipping fee. When I order warranty items I do so when I place an order. So shipping is already covered by those who placed orders.

    I would also like to comment on those who use yogurt and margarine containers to hold food. Do Not use them! They are not made for long term food storage. Nor are they usable to reheat in a microwave or freeze food. If you are doing those things you are ingesting chemicals from the plastic. Just like you are not supposed to use store bought water bottles more than once. The plastic will leach into your water/food.
    Tupperware can be expensive but you get what you pay for. What other containers can you get with a life time warranty? You can get Tupperware at Walmart pricing by taking advantage of sales, or better yet free!

    I would also buy Tupperware at yard sales :-)


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