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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My neighbors have chickens! Hurray!

Last Sunday, I wondered why one of my hens was crowing. I ran out and they were peaceably clucking, eating grass and dirt bathing, each to her own pleasure.  Oh well. Then, throughout the day, I heard what I thought was coming from a neighbor's yard. Each time, it was my own three.

Yesterday, exbf came in excitedly and told me what he heard, chickens in another yard. I ran out and we both rounded the corner of the house and my hens were causing a ruckus like they laid an egg. He was o puzzled, pointing to where he had heard the chicken noise, opposite where we could see my hens.

Today, I went out to feed and water the hens and lock them up so I could take a nap. As I approached the pen and ten feet from my hens, I heard a loud chicken from where exbf and I heard something. I do have more poultry nearby!!!! It's exciting. Hopefully, they will work to keep down the flies and odor like I do with diatomaceous earth.

If they have a rooster and fertile eggs, maybe they will give me some or trade for nonfertile eggs for their own eating pleasure. Then, next spring, when I have a broody hen or three, I can let the girls hatch and raise their own replacements. No, not getting rid of the original three, ever. But, they will not lay eggs so much from now own.

I was going to climb on a chair and look over the fence, but I might fall. Plus, the shoulder that had the MRI is not strong. Pulling up would be a problem. I would have to put a chair by the fence and climb.
Ha, maybe I could just go get the ladder and not be subtle.

Your turn
Has a neighbor's new chickens ever been a problem?  This neighbor (if it is the one I think it is) is abusive to his children and animals, so I wonder if I even want to know what goes on.


  1. oh i am so sorry to hear about this neighbour - you might want to stay away from those chickens!

    our nearest neighbours are a nice distance away from us - ahhhh - we love that!

    your friend,

  2. I wish my neighbors were far away! I really want to warn whoever about the raccoons, but the neighbor behind has a pit bull. Thankfully, one owner of that house put a board fence smack dab against my cyclone fence that was here long before I arrived.

    The abusive neighbor (corners of yard join) is rarely seen. They steered clear from my corner of the yard after I caught three brats thowing rocks at my picture window. The kids denied it and I told the kids not to lie. Mean father said nothing, mother (his wife) said nothing, sister of mean father chewed them out and promised her two punishment.The kids never approach my yard anymore. Or, they could have moved away. They rented.

    Those houses are side by side, so chickens are at one of them.

    Tony said he saw a raccoon in the street near both our houses.

  3. In the city, we suddenly began to hear roosters crowing. We were so excited but never found which houses these were coming from. Chickens have never been a problem around here. They used to free range onto our property along with ducks. We loved this, but they are all gone now.

  4. People are accustomed to seeing Tony's rescue hens walking the streets. I did not know it, but they were hens that fell off the truck on the way to slaughter. He let them live in his back yard. I had better not hear this rooster crowing at night! However, not hearing barking, honking, and now crowing is why I run a sound machine at night,every night.


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