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Friday, October 14, 2011

Arabella's last post

Arabella, mid joyous roll

Friday morning, Arabella decided to bask in the sun and did not run from me as she usually does. And, she does not know she is leaving around noon. This is the first time she has ever been lying on the door mat, close to the door, of course. It is the first time she has not run from me and peeked around from where she hid and then come back near me.  She finally adjusts and has to leave!
I did not mention his getting any help (I forgot) for her shots and being fixed. So, he must be okay with his absorbing the cost and all responsibilities.  

Tony and Arabella

 Tony, my neighbor, said over and over that he had never had a kitten so small.  He seemed thrilled and a bit enamored with her tinyness. Arabella is looking at the chickens. She rubbed all over Tony, mewed sweetly, looked him in the face lots, crawled around his shoulders from one side to another, and seemed like a happy kitty. Tony took the bag of  Meow Mix (not Friskies like I thought I had), saying that is what he fed his cats. Arabella, Tony, and I are all happy.  

The End 


  1. all is well that ends well - i am glad there is a happy ending!

  2. i am sooo happy! see - there WAS a reason that you took that little girl home - it was to provide a foster home until her real home came along! thank you for sharing that picture - Tony has the look and the stance and manner of an animal lover - what a great friend to have.

    since you and Tony are friends, i am sure you will hear all about Arabella's antics and can update us now and again.

    good job Linda!

    your friend,

  3. Jambaloney,
    Yes, I am happy with the ending. I felt my stress melt away as soon as he took her.

    The people giving her away did not care for her. They just pretended so they could get rid of her. However, they could have killed them, so maybe they just had too many kittens. She was pretty. Thanks for caring.

  4. Sweet photo of both your neighbour and the kitten. And they lived happily ever after :-)

    My neighbour is a cat lover too. His cat is looks like Garfield. Very large, even though he's been on a diet forever. I think he gets food from the whole neighbourhood. My cat gets fed more then his but is thin.

  5. Frugal, Thanks, she was a cutie.

  6. So pleased for little Arabella and hope that Tony will love her to bits!

  7. Saving Pounds and BLD. It is such a happy ending with a good, cat-loving person--Tony.


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