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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oktoberfest 2011

Octoberfest Figures

I am always impressed with the simplicity, size and material used for these figures all over town during Octoberfest. I don't know if the city buys the bales or if it is donated. The outfits are reused each year.  Her hair must weigh a ton.

If I add a caption, the picture will be removed! And, why do I keep having to change the font size???

Just for perspective, I had exbf stand with the figures. He is about 5'9".  His shirt  is from Freecycle. I received about 31 shirts that were offered. Daughter and I decided by size, color, fabric, and style which ones grandson would like as I described the shirts to her. Then, exbf took 9 shirts. I donated the rest or gave them away on Freecycle...forgot. This was the day of the lovely sky. Just look at the huge pocket on her apron.
Free meals missed!
I didn't get a schedule of the events, but my failure to do so cost me two free meals today. Since I can barely walk, I won't be doing the polka. I might manage the Chicken Dance...sort of, at least the arm part. I am pretty sure that I cannot wiggle or squat. Last year, I even did the Bunny Hop. The year before, I could still polka.
Yard sale heaven
Today, I did attend the mother of all yard sales , a regular event for Octoberfest, only two blocks from my home at the Catholic Church.  Christmas shopping is coming along nicely with this sale. That will be another post when I take pictures. Five Boy Scouts helped me with one load to the car. Usually, there are teen and preteen boys from the Catholic Church helping. Both groups are supposed to perform community service.
Games for all
Inside the church was Bingo and other things. Outdoors on the school grounds were games set up for children. From the church to the Festhalle were craft vendors, pumpkin vendors, and concessions. At the Festhalle now music is playing. I am sure they are choosing Miss Octoberfest. Surely, you are on the edges of your chairs wanting to know who won? My back does not care what you want or what I want! Here I sit!

German meals
All the restaurants will be serving German dinners, as will many of the churches. Like I said, I missed two free ones, not at all like me--missing free food. I cannot afford to buy any meals unless I sell something or cut back on something else. Sad but true. No problem.
Dry Oktoberfest
This is the first year that beer has been served at our Octoberfest. If you google, you can find the only dry Octoberfest or Octoberfest without beer. Last November, the election changed that. Then, it took until spring to get approvals and whatever it takes to sell beer.  The country and city have been dry since 1946. I saw Pumpkin Ale. I don't drink or like beer, but I would liked to smell it or have one sip just to see how the pumpkin came through.
Please don't think people abstained in public as the ordinance demanded. Do you know why people are pouring out part of their bottle of Mt Dew or Coke? Yes, they are filling it up with liquor. You always know who is drinking because of the innocuous soft drink bottle and their jovial behavior.
German Bands
Every night this week there will be live German or polka music at the Festhalle, so I suppose I will mosey on down there and catch some fun. I like music and especially the group who will be here all week long. This is a German town. Only WWII stopped the speaking of German, routine for many shops. Of course, the town was founded by Germans in the mid 1800s, far removed from atrocities of the next century.

German Dress
For the next week leather lederhosen imported from Germany and embroidered aprons will be the constant dress of many people in town. Old people (like me), middle-aged, and children all dress up. There will be a big dance, a free event, somewhere in town.
The County Fair
Last Wednesday was Senior Day at the fair, free from 10 am to 1 pm for Seniors. I missed that because I was devastated at the untimely and horrendous murder of a friend of 30 years, murdered by a driver on drugs. I found the obituary on Tuesday and did not sleep. So, no pictures of all the fair festivities--fresh vegetables and fruits, canning, baking, sewing, art, midway because it is not open for the Seniors!
Your Turn
Do you attend Octoberfest? Do you dress in costume for it? Do you enter items in the fair?  


  1. Sorry about your friend. I found out my exbf was murdered by thugs while I was on my honeymoon. I found out by reading the paper one morning.

    I love those strawbale characters. Nope, don''t ever enter the fair. We have more of a Norwegian influence here but we did Octoberfests in Chicago. Real fun:)

  2. so sorry for your loss, Linda. how tragic. *sigh*

    that Oktoberfest sounds right up my alley. if we had one here, I'd love to my everyday clothes costume. ;)

  3. LindaM, Wow! That must have put a damper on the honeymoon.

    Dmarie, I attend in my own everyday clothes costume, too. Luckily, I live two to five blocks from all the activities at the Catholic church and the Festhalle. Otherwise, I could not endure the 8 night of

  4. Dmarie, Thanks, it was tragic. My everyday clothes work for me. Those tight bodices, laced, just don'work for


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