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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My new kitten

Molly Arabella

Okay, friends think I have lost my mind. So do I. From a parsimonious or frugal or thrifty point of view, I was off that day. Tiny kittens seduced me from a pickup truck in Walmart parking lot on Sunday.  I cannot afford shots or the fix she will need, even though as a senior citizen, I can get a break on the costs. Physically, I can barely care for the hens with help from exbf. Someone save me from myself.

In my defense, let me say that I was still exhausted and in a fog from the Oktoberfest on Saturday. It was the last day. I had missed all but the first day of eight days of activities. So, on Sunday I believed all the people said or implied. The cat was picked up around its middle by the guy. As the cat became all claws, the guy said, "It's just afraid." and laughed nervously. He never put his hands under the feet to calm the kitten. I did when he handed it in the window. 

I asked if it were eating. They both assured me it was. Maybe it was. But, I feel I got a cat that had never been handled by humans. This is not the first time I have had a kitten.

When I left Walmart, I was going to give it back, but the truck was gone. The kitten had not been gentled. It hissed at me for the last 48 hours when I went out. It cries when I am inside.

When I put the kitten on the porch to open the door or do something, it fled behind porch things I cannot move. So, for over 48 hours, it has cried incessantly. I forgot that a raccoon would eat kittens.

No, it cannot be a house cat. I am allergic to cats. I don't clean enough as it is. I refuse to deal with a litter box odor. Yes, they all stink to me. No, I do not want to have to let it out when it needs to go. I cannot stand cats in the house.

I put out a box and a bowl of milk and cat food. It did not want anything. Tonight is the first time it would approach me. It rubbed against me. Finally, I caught it, but it would have none of my loving. sigh

Who wants a kitten?

Exbf was horrified and puzzled that I got another animal, and a cat. Another friend told me to toss it where it would be someone else's problem. He received a tongue thrashing. Shame on him.

No matter what, I could not get a good picture. So, this is what you get. The kitten had actually come from behind things on the porch and was sitting on the box I put out for shelter. I took some of the chicken casserole and gave it to her. She ate eagerly.

She is terrified of the hens. Hens are terrified of her. Okay, just this minute I decided her name and will post it under the picture.

Your turn
Please tell me you have made a horrible mistake like this, bringing an animal home that you did not need, could not care for, and have no desire to cuddle.  


  1. You need to contact a local shelter and explain the situation. Placing a kitten can be easier than a full grown cat. The cute factor will work in its favor. Keeping the cat without being able to fix it or get it shots is irresponsible and not fair to the cat. Check Craigslist and see if anyone is wanting a cat. If you do have a change of heart, and decide to keep the kitten, contact a local shelter and explain your financial situation, they might be able to work with you.

  2. I know it would be irresponsible. That's why I want it gone, now! The shelter euthanizes kittens as soon as they come in. If I do keep it, I feel a raccoon will eat it. I am going to advertise, but not on craigslist.

  3. Linda, offer to foster the kitten if the shelter will give it vetrinary care. You can foster it until it finds a home. Some do this.
    She's just too nervous to eat right now. Put a small amount of human food in her catfood, mix it up well and she will start on her catfood.
    She's cute! You know I love the name. I've had animals pushed on me but I've found them good homes.

  4. My daughter asked me to change the name. That is the name of the woman her ex cheated with, so it is no longer Molly. I have had nervous kittens that would at least WANT to be near me. This one was not gentled. NOW, she wants in the house. I gave her hen food--2 eggs,1 cup cornmeal, 1/2 cup dried milk, water--all baked into a little cake. The kitten came out when I brought it out to the hens, so I gave her 3 tbsp right where she was lying, on top of the box that is her bedroom.She has a voracious appetite. Actually, she had been eating the catfood after about 12 hours. I heard her crunching it. I just thought I would give her food that was good for her, really good. Now, her name is Arabella.

  5. Arabella is beautiful and i understand the situation you are in. i agree with the others - try and advertise for a new home and/or call the shelter and see if they will provide free veterinary care while you foster her until you find her a new home.

    do you know how much it costs to have her shots and get fixed?

    your friend,

  6. Linda - i have been thinking about this all day. and i think that maybe someone (Arabella) needs your help. and i think that you might grow to love her.

    let me know how much it costs to get her fixed and her proper shots. send me an email at kymberzmail@gmail. com

    we will try to help if you are willing to keep her.

    your friend,

  7. Linda
    It is hard to remember that humans are named "Molly" sometimes! LOL!
    Arabella is great! I don't blame you for changing it.

  8. kymber, I may need to focus on hen care and security since I am still working on that instead of taking on another animal with needs. I will find out. Thanks! Arabella still has not left the porch.

  9. LindaM,
    My parents had a white Collie we name Ginger. My son went to school with a little girl named Ginger. He came home and told me her name, lowered his voice, and asked why a girl had a dog's name. He was still confused for a looooong time.


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