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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wednesday Cooking

I wrote a long post on Wednesday and somehow lost all but three words, so I just went to sleep and forgot what I even wrote. That's telling. If you cannot remember what was in your own post, it must have been inconsequential.

Yesterday, I cooked a six-pack of boneless, skinless breasts in the crockpot. When it was done, I put in about 14 new potatoes, later I added yellow squash and zucchini. Dinner was delicious. I did not put a bit of salt on chickens, potato, squash or zucchini.

When I met exbf he made his food white with salt before he took one bite. I was mightily insulted and told him so. He never even tried it before salting

Gradually, he has quit salting anything I cooked. He declared it delicious yesterday before he knew there was no salt. Smokers have no idea what food tastes like!

He wants his new potatoes peeled, if you can imagine that. Yes, I cook them whole and he is free to peel them on his plate. One time, he peeled a new potato that was about one-inch in diameter. !!!Yesterday, I gave him the largest one two.

It is 10:20  pm. I do believe it is time for dinner. Living alone has a few perks, like eating when you please.

I like having a healthful and tasty meal waiting in the refrigerator. Microwave. here I come.

Your turn

Do you cook without salt most or some of the time? No one has told me to cut back on salt, but in 1982, I mostly quit using salt. Are there people in your life/house who make their food white with salt?


  1. I do use salt when cooking but very little. Most people who eat what I cook have to add salt at the table, but I figure that is their problem not mine. My personal family adds little if any.

  2. Anne,
    Sometimes, I do add salt, just a bit but not yesterday. Yes, their problem. But, when a date salts food until it is white BEFORE tasting, I do take umbrage.

    Good for you on salting habits and training your family's tastes.

  3. I don't use much salt. My foster kids, they use salt on everything! I hid the salt shaker :)

    1. Michelle,
      My children wanted to salt things when they were tiny, like two or three, so I just did not put the salt shaker on the table. They saw their father salt his plate. Maybe you will instill better habits when the salt shaker is not available.

  4. We have several saltaholics in our family. My stepdaughter salts her french fries and then salts the ketchup she dips them in. No wonder she is heavy. I do not add salt when I am cooking lots of garlic and onion powder. But I do like people to at least taste my food before salting it. That's just good manners.

    1. carol,
      I did use garlic and onion powder and don't know why I quit. Now, I mostly use my dehydrated onion, celery, and onion. I think I will buy some garlic powder.

      Thank you! that is what I told exbf--it is not polite to salt food before tasting!

  5. I have not used salt in decades, and often the recipes have enough 'salt' in them already. I hardly touch the stuff.

    1. Urspo,
      Good for you. I was not under a directive to cut back on salt, just found it was unnecessary in most cases.


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