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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Food: Miracle Whip, Adventists, Manchengo Cheese

--I had to go buy Miracle Whip without a sale or a coupon. That really hurt to do so. Usually, I have a coupon and use it on a store sale. Miracle Whip cannot be bought in a large quantity because of the use-by date. I am not that afraid of eating something past the use-by date. Usually, three ahead is all I can buy and still eat it within a tasty time frame.

There is no use making any kind of sandwich without Miracle Whip! I just put all the fixings back when I discover I have no more MW.

--Several weeks back, I received an invitation to attend two talks on a Friday and Saturday night. Dinner was free. Well, free is the right price for me. A doctor was the speaker and his subject was our health. There was no evidence of the sponsor of the event.

On the table I noticed a Seventh Day Adventist pen and commented. My friend noted that all the pens on the table were the same. Then, one by one, I saw several of my friends that I know are strong Adventists.  Now, the sponsor  became evident. No problem.

After the Friday meal, my friend commented that he was going to go eat a cow. In case you don't know, the party line in the Adventist faith is no meat eating. Well, I know lots who do eat meat.

The second night, I ate protein before I left home. My friend said he ate protein before he came. too. I saw a female friend later in the week. She commented the food was good but she was hungry when she left.

They filled our plates and brought them to us. I had to go to the window and get one of my Adventist friends to fill me a plate, leaving off the things I am allergic to. The second night, I was assured I would love the fake cheese. Unfortunately, they put it on my brown rice. I only ate a bit of the fake cheese and could tell it was going to cause an allergic reaction. It was made of cashews, one of my allergens. And, I love cashews but another will never knowingly pass through my lips.

Of course, I cannot blame them for my allergies. Thankfully, the dessert was fruit--pineapple, watermelon, and strawberries. There was cantaloupe, but I think I am allergic to that, too. At any rate, I don't like it. 

The doctor had good health information. Maybe all meat is bad for us, but I am not convinced. The experienced enlightened me to this church's food, most of which was no different from what I eat anyway. I will continue to eat some meat.

--Have you ever eaten Manchengo cheese? It's made from sheep milk, very hard cheese and salty. Exbf hated it! I think this is the cheese a friend recommended to accompany my fig preserves. Machengo cheese is originally from La Mancha. It's delicious but I have yet the pair it with my fig preserves.

Since this cheese was about $14/lb, I now know why I never bought it. I did not buy this, either. It was shared with me by a friend.

Your turn
Have you eaten as the Adventists do? Or, are you a dedicated mammal eater? Do you like Manchengo cheese? Have you tried it with fig preserves?


  1. I've never been to an Adventist free meal/speech. We did go last year to our bank's free meal/carnival sort of thing. Then we found out that another branch of our bank was doing it the following weekend so we went to it.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      That's cool you got two free meals! I always try to find out when certain stores have customer appreciation day to get free hot dogs or hamburgers, drink and chips. My power company throws a bash with a band along with the food. I need to figure out when that is.


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