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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday: Free Entertainment

I think I have had all the fun I can stand for today. The scorching heat and no ac in my car was miserable.

EPIC was playing at the theater at 10 am. For $4.36 I received a 16 ounce Coke and a 42 ounce popcorn and admission to the movie. The theater was packed with kids and babies and fewer parents. Three babies barely cried. The kids were so well-behaved  I could actually hear the movie. Good Time! I will go back each week.

Tonight a country band was playing elsewhere from 6 pm--8 pm.. I don't want to say anything about the band, but halfway through the show, I left. This was free, but my back was hurting so I just left.  I had somewhere else to go at the same time that was serving free food. Stupid me! Always go with the food.
The heat is exhausting me. Today, I was soaked and miserable. The ac work might cost more than the car is worth!

My new glasses were ready today, but since I did not have the money for them, I had to leave them. It was only $51 for my part, but it was $51 more than I had.

Despite the heat and because of it, I hung clothes on the line. The sun was hot and there was a strong wind, so things dried quickly. Could you dry things outdoors today. Not one drop of rain fell on me here in N AL. The prediction was for rain and the radar showed lots of it. It all dissipated before reaching me.

Your turn
Have you found free summer entertainment in your town for you, kids, or family? Did you see EPIC? Raise your hand if it is hot and humid where you are? Yes, you have soggy underarms. too, despite your deodorant!


  1. We try and find free things to do. OUr small town is pretty good about having bands and whatnot around.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I took my children where bands played. Nowadays, it is difficult for me to get close enough to walk. My problem is keeping up with the paper. Now, I have an online source.

  2. It is pretty easy for me to find free entertainment, What is hard is drumming up the desire to go. TheHub works late nearly every night and by the time he gets home it is always a huge push to make it, so we often just don't go.

    Yesterday was horrible! Usually after a small shower the heat and humidity dissipate briefly. Last night TheHub and I were going out to eat so we waited for the shower to finish before getting into the car. I was like a steam bath outside, but we had a really nice rain late last night and it feels better (for the moment)
    For the remainder of the summer, anytime I go out I will be wearing cotton skirts or dresses and flip flops just to beat the heat

  3. Anne,
    It was much rainier there than where I live. Today, there was not a drop here, and I should have hung out clothes. Exbf works in Irondale and lives in Hueytown, so he was getting lots of rain.

    I have been wearing sandals for three months. I changed from black pants to grey pants. I was just thinking about my white and grey skirts yesterday and must uncover them.

    I miss the art openings, lots of free stuff where you live...concerts, plays, lectures.

    Since I don't wait on anyone, I can go when I like and still cannot drum up the ambition often.

  4. Hi Linda...we have free concerts nearby but no movie deals. I hope parents didnt just drop those kids off. You cant do that these days. My problem is sitting for long periods. When I stand up my bionic knees take time to straighten out.but I do remember how much fun it was when people danced and bounced beach balls around.

    1. carol,
      It appeared that some mothers might have brought neighbor kids. However, four 15-yr-olds did come. Someone probably brought them and dropped them off or maybe a mother brought them along with younger children. My back and knees are the problem. Knees aren't bionic, just injured.

  5. there is no humidity but there is plenty of heat. 115-118

    1. Ur-spo,
      That heat would be preferable to the suffocating humidity here. I am definitely not a rain forest person.


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