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Friday, June 10, 2016


Denise, an online friend from another site drove a few miles out of her way on a trip she had planned to help me. She and her husband worked two hours and completely finished the material sorting and boxing.

The material had been put in bags to remove it from my sewing room. The 30 gallon garbage bags were about half full so the woman who did them last year would not have to lift too much.

She drove me on the cart to the storage room. I sat in my lawn chair. It felt like a royal, pampered

I had a stack of boxes broken down in the car. They loaded those up on the long cart. He taped the bottom, she packed material in them, then they both held and taped the top shut. All the boxes except for two were the same size, so it looks neat and stacked easily.

There is a lot of material that looks like sweater material that neither of us wanted. Maybe there are ten yards. I won't throw it out. I think it would be perfect to cut into lengths for a throw, maybe and extra blanket for the bed in extremely cold weather. The ends could be serged or easily finished by hand with a blanket stitch. Binding or lace could be sewn onto the ends.

Her husband expressed interest when we were not even involving him in decisions. He wanted some of the heavier, woven fabrics to put over windows to keep out the cold. Great idea! So, from then on, I asked him his preference.

This worked out well because she does not like red or pink. I do. She likes the dark blues and greens. I don't.

She came to help me, but I wanted her to profit some, too. They got started late and had to stop to figure out why she had no brake lights on the back, so she was only here for 2 hours. If she had come as planned, she was going to open boxes of things I packed for a yard sale someday. That day will never come, so that stuff will have to go!

Now, I need another helper who will do a little or a lot more and take away the excess. I have been smart enough to ditch the trash instead of boxing it up, so there is good stuff left, just not what I want to save now and not keep and store it. Volunteers?

Michele (Mystic Mud) went home with good stuff, but forgot the paint which then froze. I could not rescue it, but a friend took it saying it might still work. I never heard if that dozen gallons and partial gallons of paint was good enough for her mother's outdoor projects.

The friend who brings his group from church gets stuff, too, when they come to help declutter--books, crayons, pens, pencils, glue sticks and glue. Whatever we are looking at, some usually goes out the door. When I do not want an item, one of them volunteers to donate it. Works for me.

Now, I need a three day rest from two hours of work. Well, I sat and watched and chose what I wanted. Sitting is work for me. Today, I had to go get the two 5-gallon buckets they sat on. I left them out and in the way. Plus, I had to go about my lens in glasses, withdraw money from the bank, and go buy something from Walmart. I got no rest today!

I have started to collect things in a quart bag for Lorraine.

Okay, I am off to put vegetables in the Crock Pot.

Your turn
What's up with your decluttering? Does anyone help and get good leftovers from your clutter?


  1. No one helps me, unless it is a item I truly cannot handle alone, but most things I can figure out how to get downstairs, upstairs or wherever it needs to go. (Mainly out to Goodwill) If I take it there during off times the guy there helps unload it. If they are busy I have to do it myself, but at least it is gone.

    1. Anne,
      sigh...I remember those days.

  2. Decluttering is a neverending process for me. I have to be hypervigilent about new things sneaking into the house.

  3. Ur-spo,
    Since I have/had a 4000 sq ft house, I could organize well and nothing was out of place. Since I am reduced to about 800 sq ft, good things and useful things have become clutter! I buy very little sewing material now.

  4. Decluttering for me has taken the last 6 months. I still have the garage to go.

    1. Kristine,
      At least you are working on it. If you are like me, you could start over again when the garage is done. I don't think that you will make more clutter. But, I know I got rid of material that 10 months ago I thought I needed/wanted. Good job!

  5. I too, feel that the dejunking job will never end. I'm glad that you had such good helpers. DJ is moving out in August so I'm thinking that we are going to have a massive dejunking party before he goes!

    1. I was thinking about that and wondered if you or he or the both of you could do it in small bites from now until then so it would not be so exhausting. I was thinking maybe just one drawer at a time. Or maybe one category at a time.

      The friend who brings his religious group does not come often enough to make real progress. But, you cannot push volunteers, so I am grateful.

  6. A good decluttering is good for the mind as well as the home :)


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