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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sorting Material and Volunteer Help

All my fabric is in garbage bags filled only half way so the lifting was not hard for the person doing the work. I cannot lift them at all. Well, I can lift one of them and spend three days paying for it.

The deal is: help me sort through all this and you can have what I don't want. There are no guarantees as to what is in the bags or how much I will give you. Oh, the rest has to be packed in small boxes that are easily lifted. No one has to strain at all.

Well, the mother/volunteer put all my material in bags. The daughter helped me sort, took her material home and promised to pack up the rest. We only went through a third of the bags and she got two thirds of what we looked at. Then, she never came back and left stuff undone.  This mother of six is a major volunteer-er. She never finishes anything, but gets the glory for volunteering. She was a head case when I met her, but I was desperate for help.

In the meantime, I have asked churches, friends, acquaintances for someone to help with this and haul off a ton of fabric. "Just bring it all to the church." "I will come load it all up and help you by moving it out of your way." "Why don't you let me donate it to the thrift store?" When I reiterate the fact that I want some of it for myself, interest wanes. People want it all for themselves. No one wants to stuff it into boxes. We are talking 14x14x12 inch boxes, not monsters. I would spend my last breath dragging each bag to the dumpster rather than just give my material to greedy and lazy people!

Finally, someone on another site read my remarks and is driving from TN to somewhere else and will make a detour to help me and to increase her non-existent stash. She already had the trip planned.

This is a major relief to me! No matter how much she and her husband can do, I know they will do it well and not stress me out for months with accusations of all sorts.

Your turn
Have you ever had volunteer help cause you more grief than it was worth? Do you have a fabric stash or anything that needs weeding down to fit your needs? If she cannot get all this into her car or wants little, do you want to finish the job? No, I won't talk about


  1. I hauled all of my stash to Goodwill. I think I only kept 2 pieces of fabric

    1. Anne,
      if I could do that, I would. lol I am definitely keeping more than two pieces, and there are patterns in there.

  2. My friend and I helped another friend clean out her mother in law's sewing room when she passed. It was a huge job but we got it done. For helping we got some of the fabric and lots was donated. I think if you are going to volunteer to help someone you should finish the job. They are counting on you! We appreciated what we were allowed to keep and in turn my overwhelmed friend got help. We need to help each other. Sorry I don't live close to you or I'd come help just to help.

  3. Crystal,
    You were of great help. Good for you. Yeah, that woman would commit to a time, then never show up. Or, she would just cancel. Then, when she did commit to and hour, she would come and stay on her phone! You were a good friend and helper. Thanks for commenting.


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