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Thursday, June 9, 2016

UNCOVERED: Decluttering

Last year, I did not make homemade ice cream because I thought the ice cream freezer was boxed and stored.  Sunday, one of the girls was straightening things. When I walked in, there was the ice cream freezer.

After the ottoman was moved, she found several lost earrings. It is a wonder I did not give the spare ones to Lorraine at We Are Clamco.

The guy opened a WM bag and declared, "This is trash. It only has broken Tupperware." shriek as he moved it to the garbage can. No way, I can trade those broken tops in for new tops.

As I was looking for things to give away to the guy or have him haul to the road, I uncovered my sugar stash in a liquor box. There were five quarts of sugar and one half gallon. Do you remember when I bought sugar at less than half price? 36 pounds of sugar? Well,  I have not purchased sugar for several years, maybe four. Now, I am down to my last two cups and was wondering where the rest could be. I know where it is now! Since I ran out of cayenne pepper jelly, I was facing doing without or buying sugar.

Do you remember how I collect things all year long for Christmas shoeboxes? Well, last year it never happened. I had been getting shoeboxes and storing them in one huge box. That box went to the road. Plus, I gave one of the girls about 20 boxes of crayons I had bought for less than a dime each. Now, I won't stumble over that tote bag! The monstrous box is gone, too.

Help with decluttering has gained me room and valuable-to-me items.

Your turn
What have you discovered while decluttering? Anything lost? Something you really needed? Something about which you collected and changed your mind?


  1. I have been decluttering for about a month now and the only thing I have found is how much stuff I have that I don't need. I am being ruthless in my culling. If I have not needed it in the past couple of years, I just no longer need it. (That being said I am not culling china, crystal or silver because I actually do use it several times a year, even though life would go on as usual without it)

  2. Anne,
    Those same things will stay here. I do keep some things I don't "need" but the stuff I don't need far outweighs what I just plain want. But, the overwhelming amount of stuff is just not what I want or need, so it goes. Plus, I have not done this in years.

  3. I'm chomping at the bit to dejunk DJ's room. He is taking his furniture with him to college. I'm going to get rid of so much when we pack him up. If I started packing him up now, I think I would hurt his feelings. ;p

  4. LOL...yes, you don't want to make him think you are so eager to get rid of him.


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