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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I Saw No-See-Ums! More Strawberries, Stats

This afternoon, about 6 pm, I was taking clothes from the line. The sun was setting and in my eyes. However, it seemed that dust was coming off my clothes as I removed them. I could see particles when I faced the sun, but not when I faced away from the sun. Were these no-see-ums? If they were they did not bite me. I shook and slapped the few clothes I had in my arms.

I grew up in Memphis and always ate strawberries from Alabama because Daddy would only buy strawberries from Alabama at the huge Farmer's Market that was busiest in the middle of the night! They were sweet and delicious. Mama froze many flats of strawberries. Since the Farmer's Market opened here, I have tried to eat local. I bought strawberries several times over the years, sometimes several times in strawberry season.

Last year, I gave up on local berries. They are nasty tasting. They are red on the outside and white and hard on the inside. Finally, it made more sense to buy strawberries from Walmart that were shipped from California. They are sweet, red all the way through. Plus, they are cheaper. I would pay $14 for a gallon of local berries and can get a gallon at WM for about $8. It is not the cost; it's the taste.

Since my four or more months' hiatus, I lost almost 100 followers.  Page views were down to about 100 when I started back but rose to nearly 300 lately. Well, imagine my surprise when  I had 1002 page views recorded today. What happened? The posts did not have a total of 1002 page views, so I am puzzled.

Your turn
Have you ever seen no-see-ums? Did I? If not what were the insects no bigger than dust?  Are your local strawberries delicious? Can you imagine how I got 1002 page views when not that many views were of the last post?


  1. I'm on the IL/WI border and our fruits and veg aren't the greatest no matter where you go. They have a local farmers market on Thursdays maybe I'll pop over and see what they have.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Well, that makes me feel a bit better. Try some from CA.

  2. I have gotten strawberries from a farm near Talladega and they were fantastic.
    No see um's are real critters, they eat me alive but have not been too bad this year. I have hope it will be a ow mosquito year, but we have had so much rain lately I think it is probably false hope

    1. Anne,
      It's too bad I am not close enough to go there. I noticed that fifteen minutes before closing today at the market the strawberry people had not sold out. Usually, they sell out by 8:30 am.

      The mythical bugs are real? just kidding.


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