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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Dream and Eggs and Rain

Fork, Spoon and Knife | Cutlery Coloring Pages

Last night, I had a weird dream. There was something wrong with a tooth on the bottom, left part of my jaw. I thought something was wedged between my teeth. I was eating something really soft, so there was a moment of puzzlement as I got the soft food either swallowed or spat out. I examined the plastic fork I was using only to find all the tines intact. Using my tongue to feel did not reveal the problem.

I tried to pull out whatever it was keeping my mouth from closing even as it wiggled freely. This dream seemed to go on forever. Going to the bathroom mirror I saw the problem. As it turned out, my tooth had split top to bottom, leaving a wiggly splinter still in the gum and attached at the bottom. I was just horrified. This had happened to a top, right side tooth about 20 years ago.

Why did I dream this? These three reasons might explain the dream. This is the first tooth dream ever.
1) Exbf had gone to the dentist on Tuesday for a checkup.
2) A tooth had cracked in the same manner many years ago.
3) A plastic fork had broken and I did have a tine loose in my mouth.

The two hens gave me two eggs today.

It rains every day! The grass is never dry enough to mow! The grass and weeds get higher by the minute. I guess it is good for crops, but I think they can get waterlogged with too much rain.

Your turn
Do you ever dream about your teeth? tell me all about it? How are your hens laying?  Are your April showers unwelcome right now?


  1. Dreams are strange things. Sometimes I think that I need to figure them out and others I can't make heads or tails of it. I keep dreaming about children coming up to me and saying or giving me slips of paper with the word traitor on it. ODD.

  2. Sonya Ann,
    That is strange! Do your children, even jokingly, allude to the fact that you might be a traitor? Maybe you hid a cookie from then? Thanks for the comment and revelation.


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