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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Maggie Mae in the Kitchen

As I left to go to tutor, the chickens came from back to front yard as I got into the car. They moved a little faster when they saw me. When I backed out and turned to drive away, they stopped dead still as if in disbelief. "She just left us home alone."

When I returned in an hour, I did not see them. However, they materialized when I stepped from the car. They were begging in a funny voice. So, I said, "Come on." They know these words mean food. Maggie May and Thelma disappeared after about four steps. I turned to look behind me and they weren't there. When I turned to continue, Maggie May was standing sideways as close to my toes as she could be without touching me. Then, Thelma came beside me. I cannot for the life of me figure out how they can disappear and reappear. I am not that feeble-minded yet.

As I ascended the steps, they came right behind me. I left the door open just because. I walked across the room and turned in time to see Maggie May already further inside than she had ever come before, almost to the ottoman. She stopped and looked at my bed. "No!"

She hopped onto the ottoman where I had placed my purse as I came in. I froze. She quickly jumped over my purse, then flew over my chair, landing behind it. Now, my chair is not against a wall. She looked around and decided to go into the bathroom.  I stepped toward her and she stepped away, closer to the bathroom. I straddled her, sort of trapping her between my legs/feet. I bent to get her and she was faster and ran between my legs and toward the kitchen. She got past the refrigerator, about 12 feet into the kitchen.

Maggie May was skittish the whole time. I think she thought she was headed to the door when she turned to the kitchen. I talked nicely and caught her. She was unceremoniously dumped outside the door. She turned back as if she wanted to come in again. I give them bread for a snack once in a while. I closed the door and went to get bread. When I came back out, Maggie May was talking to me from the railing, having claimed Thelma's spot of privilege closest to the door.

She looked at my blouse that was three inches from her beak. She always looks like she sees a speck of dust or the pattern of my shirt to peck. IF she ever pecks me from her vantage point by the door, she will be pecking my breast. I think that will really hurt. How do you explain the ER doctor that your nipple was savagely removed by a hungry chicken?

 One hen tried to peck a freckle from my leg; another pecked towels on the line of lint or pollen or something; another brought blood to my little toe and partially ripped off the side of my toe. It took forever to get my toe to stop bleeding. She makes me nervous when I come by her and she looks interested in pecking my chest.

There was no poop in the house after Maggie May's little adventure.

Your turn
Do your chickens or llamas or goats or spotted horses want to come inside?


  1. One of my chickens came inside the house once. We were gone for the evening and left the door open so the dogs could go out if needed. When we came home, one of the hens was in the corner of the dining room,asleep on the floor.

  2. Michelle,
    That is so funny! When my three chickens slept indoor in a animal carrier, I thought they had jumped in the pen like they usually did since I left the door open and the pen right there. No, they went behind the door and got in a corner and slept.

    I am wondering if that hen ever tried to come in again. ??? Thanks for that cute story.

  3. We have no chickens, llamas, goats, pigs or anything other than a dog who lives in the house. Unless we are outside she wants to be right here with us. If we are outside she wants to be with us unless she decides she has had enough, then she sands at the door and whines until someone will walk up the stairs to let her in so she can stand at the door and whine more until we come back inside.

    1. Anne,
      That wanting in and out would drive me crazy, just like it did with kids. It is funny she whines for you to come back in. Sounds like to me your family is

  4. My chickens have always tried to come in the back slider if it is left open. They are usually sunning by the little pool.
    However, little bantam Sami is the first to master the dog door from the garage to the kitchen. She only does it when she hears water running, though. I think she figured out that means someone is in the kitchen.
    Of course she is also the chicken who had to explore the washer in the garage when it was left open. Top loader. She's a climber!
    She is also a people chicken as she was raised by a little girl who had to give her up.
    I am glad they had fun, but I am really glad they didn't trip you!
    Patti from Ca

    1. Patti,
      You certainly do have an adventurous chicken! I never thought of a chicken using a dog door. So, she is smart, too. My next chickens are going to be cuddled more. I had to buy some grown chickens that were so skittish of me. Thanks for that story. I am glad she was not washed. Maybe we should have little girls raise our chickens.

  5. That made me laugh about the ER. Yes, that would be a hard one to explain.
    I think the chickens are just trying to teach you a lesson. They don't like it when you leave. LOL. I think they think that they are the bosses not you.

  6. Sonya Ann,
    I am going to swear at the ER that I fell down and spilled their oatmeal on my chest.

    Oh, they really watch me like a hawk and do not like my leaving. Yes, they do think they are the boss of me. I go along with it. Actually, I secretly know they are the boss!


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