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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Slip, Sliding Away

The trees are blooming, so most things around here are yellow. That means my sinuses and lungs suffer. Plus, citrus needs to disappear in my house, even the Halos, sweet little Halos.

Sunday night, as I got out of the car, I almost fell. There are several stones next to the driveway, put there about five years ago to define the space. When I ran out of stones or back, forgot which, I just ended up with stones too far apart to be useful or decorative.

There is a limb on the passenger side that might fall on the car, so I parked to the far side of the driveway where the rocks are located.

Luckily, I was still holding onto the car door as I slipped on the rock, sliding all over and hurting my knee already injured knee..

Then, last night I came from the car to the side door. At the edge of the front yard there is a step into the back yard that is defined by a concrete step. It was pitch dark, so I missed the step. I stepped too far to the front of the step and too far to the right, which landed the corner of the step right in the middle of my foot.

Slipping off was so painful to the middle of my foot, plus it plummeted me forward and to the right. I went careening into a bush wet from the recent rain. Yes, it hit my face and glasses and wet my hair and clothing. Since I was going forward, I was slightly bent like the cartoon characters fighting to walk against the wind. As I stumbled through the bush, I picked up a bit of speed, enough to make me run bent for about 12 feet before I managed to stop myself as I carried groceries and my purse.

Thankfully, I had on shoes instead of sandals. I have lived here since 1977 and have never missed that step.

That was sort of scary, but once I stopped, I started laughing aloud. The neighbors must wonder about my laughing all alone in the yard.

Yes, I know I should have light there. The plan was to paint a yellow strip along the step so I could see it going and coming. Or, I could paint a white strip. Plus, I need solar lawn lights. I have solar lawn light, just need to put the batteries into them.

As I wrote this, I was watching Two and a Half Men. There in the kitchen were a dozen or more bottle of spices in a rack on the wall. Don't they know spices should be stored out of light?

Your turn
Do you have a hazard in your yard that you finally managed to hit just right? Or one that gets you all the time?  Do you keep all your spices out of the light to preserve their effectiveness?


  1. Replies
    1. Anne,
      Yes, I have an excellent record of falling, too.

  2. I am a klutz. I trip and slip inside and out. And I often have bruises on my hip from an oak sideboard which has been in the same spot forever. And no, it doesn't stick out too far. I run into it.

    1. EC,
      We are sisters? It appears so. I run into things that are not in the way. In high school, I ran into my footboard of my bed and eventually have a permanent area of broken veins.

      I think my astigmatism is part of my klutziness, but that is corrected and I still slam into things.


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