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Friday, April 17, 2015

Food Danger

This is sort of long, but important information if you care about what is in your food and where it comes from. So, take all weekend to read it if you are busy. This information bothers me.


  1. I only eat fish that is from the state of Texas..all those frozen packages of fish are from China or way.

    1. Jackiesue,
      I read them, too, and am sorely disappointed each time.

  2. Hi local IGA has fried cod that is delicious, but the cod in the meat case is from China and I don't if that is what they fry.. I can no longer eat it because of that. You really have to read labels It is hard to find fish from the USA or Canada. Also food at the dollar store, mushrooms, etc. are from China. I will take the time and read this article. It is so important to know where our food comes from. Of course look at all the recalls we have here in the US from listeria, salmonella, etc. Shortcuts in sanitation?

    1. Carol,
      Our food system does have problems. But, I will choose carefully from USA products. I have a Dollar Store story, too.

    2. Carol,
      Next time, ask what fish they cook. Ask as though you love the fish, which you do. They will be glad to tell you. Let us know.

  3. After reading the article I decided it was a good thing I decided to go vegan for health reasons. Even at that I still check where my veggies come from. If we don't raise them we stick to those from Florida preferably or at least from the US.

    Hubby bought some big beautiful sweet peppers: green were from Florida, and he thought from the sign all were but, the red was from Mexico and the yellow was from Costa Rica & he didn't check the little tiny labels on the peppers. Next time we'll stick to the bag of small peppers from Florida.

    It's getting harder and harder to find food and anything else that's from the US. Takes us as long in the store food shopping for the 2 of us as it took me 30 years ago shopping for 5 of us with 2 of the kids in tow. Imported foods, like bananas were clearly labeled, now land of origin seems to be hidden.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us, should be front page news but it won't be.

  4. Bellen,
    I end up putting food in my basket and stopping later to check the country of origin. Half the time, I have to take it back to produce.

    When I decided I was going to buy farmed fish that would not have been affected by radiation from Fukishima, I read up on farmed fish. I turns out that farmed fish is not healthy for us at all.

    One time at WM I picked up garlic from China!

    You are certainly right about the time it takes to shop!

  5. It's the kind of thing you won't hear about on the evening news, although you will hear about what Hilary is doing on the campaign trail.


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