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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dream, Cherry, Tutee, Egg, Strawberry, Surprise

Last night, I had a doozy of a dream. I was in a very cold climate that had many feet of snow and polar bears. I don't have any idea where this place was located. The house had a porch across the back. My next younger sister was there. Why? Who knows.

She was looking out the back window and told me in a hushed tone to "come look." Or, maybe I was the one looking out the window. Whichever one of who was summoned to the window got too close to the window, attracting the bears. The huge polar bear with her cubs started coming toward the house. We both shrieked a quiet little shriek and tried to run, padding quietly through the house. We both knew that bear could rip off windows or doors.

I remember wishing I had a gun, so we must not have had one. The bear tore off the back door. We could hear her rummaging through cabinets for food. We were terrified the bear would keep coming through doors and get to us, so we lay quietly in one bed, covered up. It was frigid and we were petrified.

Then, all of a sudden my sister was gone. I was shivering.

Then, I awoke shivering and desperate to go to the bathroom. I was awake, shivering, and afraid to go to the bathroom. When I finally went to the bathroom, wide awake, I tried to be quiet so the bear would not hear me. I put a third blanker over me when I finally got back in bed without the bear eating me. I covered up my head and went back to sleep. I have no idea where this dream came from.

My tutee made copies of what he had to draw for art and spent the next hour drawing a cherry. Before we got inside, I had him carry the math book I brought. I mentioned it was so heavy because it was the teacher's edition of the student's math book. He was so serious as he sort of chuckled and said, "This book is starting to scare me." ??? I have no idea why the teacher's book would scare him, so I chuckled, too.

Maggie May gave me an egg today.

I price-matched California strawberries--$1. CA strawberries are the best! The AL strawberries I have tasted are nasty. I am off to wash, slice, and put a bit of sugar on the strawberries.

When I went to the doctor today, the nurse told me I had lost 12 lbs. since I was there in November. At least two dozen people have commented that I looked like I had lost weight. I denied it. BUT, obviously I did.

Your turn

How did your day go? Any weird "animals are going to eat me" dreams?


  1. I wonder what you have been doing that helped you lose weight.
    I think it is great that you can have a little laugh with the young man that you are helping.

    1. Sonya, A combination of things that helped me lose weight. I will "reveal" that in a post. He is good-natured and not bit shy with me. Most kids that age are not as friendly as he is and either shy or hostile when I tutor them. Of course, there is room for the hostility to show later.


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