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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I Found It

BLACK & DECKER 5.2-Amp 3/8-in Drill/Driver with Case
This might be the one I bought

Did you ever lose something and hated to replace it so you just kept looking or hoping it would surface? That is what happened to me a year ago with my drill. Since I plant my "garden" in 3- and 5-gallon buckets, I needed my drill last year to drill holes in buckets. The older buckets with drain holes had cracked or run away or something.
Not one person I knew had a drill. Okay, I did not ask every person I know, but those I asked did not have a drill. Exbf has never owned a drill. So, I had no tomato plants last year. I think I did germinate tomato seeds.
Saturday, I was drill shopping at WM. I told the young man that the only way I would find my drill would be to buy a new one. Today, I found my 3/8" drill and all the drill bits and screw bits and a long extension cord. Sooo, I can take the drill back to WM. That is $54 I saved.
The drill I found was won long ago. The local hardware called me and told me I won a drill. I thanked the woman, hung up and called the hardware store to see if this was a big joke. Nope. I won the drill. The only woman who worked there drew my name while a circle of men watched. She said they were all very disgusted a woman had won!
The first time I tried to use it, I realized there must be a secret I did not know. I was sitting in the den floor trying to put the legs on a round piece of wood to make a table. Just then a guy I knew knocked on the door and came in. He laughed at me, sitting there with four wobbly table legs in the air.
He laughed even harder when I told him there was something wrong. He explained as he used the drill that I had to press on the screw to make it go into the wood. It seems drills just go around and don't help with the pushing.
Yes, I know all of you are laughing, too. After the embarrassment and red cheeks were gone, I laughed at me, too.
Your turn
Have you ever had a small appliance or tool that you thought you could use, but you discovered you did not know how to use it? What have you lost and searched for until you thought you would go nuts.


  1. Hi Linda my husband drove me crazy recently looking for his drill I thought I would kill him before he found it We have a lot of traffic in our house and sometimes things walk away Anyway we use a drill and a long auger to plant flowers usually bulbs It goes quickly and makes the job easier I am glad you found yours

  2. Carol,
    LOL...tell him I know the pain. I am happy that you did not have to kill him. Prison clothes are not flattering. That auger sounds like something I need to check out. This weekend I will be out drilling holes in buckets.

  3. Linda, I'm glad your blog is open for business again! I lose our hammers a lot. I used to lose scissors a lot. Finally I bought two or three pair so we always have a pair *somewhere*. Bonnie

    1. Bonnie,
      I grew up in a home where tools were sacred and had to be put back where they came from. I must have slipped out of that mode. I do have 3 hammers, just because. I always know where my sewing scissors are, but can never find paper cutting scissors. I think I have about 8 pair of the child's scissors around so I can clip coupons if I cannot find my two pair of large ones to clip coupons.

      I do understand having what you need "somewhere." I even have scissors in the car! I am glad this is a common problem.

  4. We have nuns.rous tape measures and screw drivers. When the boys were younger, they would misplace them. They are much better about putting the tools away now.

  5. My craft room is bulging. I can tell when it is out of control because I start to have those "I can't find it" moments.

  6. lucky for me I've always had a knack with tools, plus I worked in home improvement stores I know the 'drill.'..hahah

  7. That happens to me too. Buy it then find it sort of thing.

  8. I know how to use most tools so that is not usually an issue, but I have bought things that I had "lost" and like you they resurface as soon as they are replaced. Scissors are my nemesis, they disappear all the time.


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