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Sunday, April 13, 2014


This commercial is soooo funny. There are other commercials like this, including a special guy commercial somewhere.

 Go HERE and tell me what you think.  Up on the left corner is a button for different scents. At the bottom of the page are more funny videos. There are more of these commercials on You Tube.


  1. What a hoot. Though I have certainly met people who believe the product is totally unnecessary - for them anyway.

  2. EC,
    As one of the newscasters fellow workers commented something about being a large airplane with lots of people.

    I have approached stalls that I could not enter. One of my ex's aunts had a powder room three feet from the table. That was unnerving to use that powder room. I wanted to take a loud radio in with me.

  3. I guess you first have to give a shit (no pun intended) as to what people think of your odorous offerings. I don't so I won't be spending any money on this product. Besides, if I happened to leave an pungent odor, I flick my bic and the gas is burnt off instantly. Try it, it works.

    1. Coffeypot,
      I do think most people are overly sensitive as to who smells their "odorous offerings." No, I won't be buying it either. I knew a match worked, but I carry neither a match nor a Bic.

  4. I will admit that I have seen this product's commercial before and I think that one of these days I probably WILL buy some. John and I probably would benefit from having a bottle or two and it might make our house guests feel more comfortable.If nothing else it would be good fodder for conversation. !!!

  5. I have never seen the commercial on tv. That would make for an uncomfortable explanation to a guest, "If you have to poo, spray this is the bowl first so we don't all have to wear gas masks."

    "Oh, you are not going to poo. Never mind."

    "No, and I will never come back here, ever."

    Yes, it would be a fun thing, for sure. Any boy who still thinks his poop is funny and a fit conversation for dinner would loooove this.

    I must admit there are days when a spray of this would be beneficial to me in


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