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Friday, April 18, 2014

Gone and other yard stuff

bye, bye dogwood

The woman who said she would take the free pink dogwood came today and got it. For about 8 months I have offered it. People accept and never come to get it. I was so thrilled that she came less than 24 hours after she said she wanted it. I am so happy that little tree can reach its full potential and bloom pink blooms like it should. It pained me that they tree did not thrive where it was.
Her husband dug it and put all the soil on the tarp I supplied. I just hate having dirt piles or dirt on my grass, not that there is much grass in that area. He filled in the huge hole left after the tree was removed.
He has had the top of one lung removed and two ribs because of cancer, and could barely breathe, becoming winded often. So, it took a bit longer, but he and his wife got it out of the ground. I hated it was so hard, but they just accepted he had to rest a lot and he started again. 

The hole holds about two or more five-gallon buckets of soil, very dark, rich soil. I am going to rob this hole to use the soil for my tomatoes. As it is, there will be a depression in the yard. However, my plan was to keep breaking pencil-sized sticks from limbs and throw them in the depression. Right now, I have to go sprinkle red pepper on this soil to discourage the cats. 

There is gravel here with lots of grass and weeds that grow there since I no longer use it. Last year, this become overgrown because of lack of mowing. Then, the "weeds" intrigued me since I thought they were useful. It turns out, I have a carport of Rose of Sharon. I want to move one to the back corner of the yard to block the view into the other yard and their view into my yard. This is not a very good picture to show you the 3' high trees aka
I will also leave some on the inside of the carport but left of the little low wall you can see. It will be pretty and no expense.
At the end of the path there are three pots of hosta, one on the left and two on the right. Those are some of the ones I divided last year. I took parts of the ones in the ground and put them in pots. I may try digging through the gravel in the carport and plant some there. The carport is a pain to mow. While I don't mow it, I can tell it is difficult when anyone does mow it because of the small size. That's a lot of back and forth or round and round. Besides I like hosta and would like to have a yard with little mowing necessary.
See that water hose? There is a story there. That story will be for another day.
Your turn
Have you ever had a plant that was not thriving and had to be moved? 


  1. Today I have been weeding my heart out. Rotten couch grass which has invaded my bulb bed. My father always said 'if it thrives, it is a weed!' And he had a point.
    And yes, I move things around the garden quite often, looking for the perfect spot.
    I am glad the dogwood has a home and can grow to its potential.

  2. EC,
    Moving that tree was beyond me or I would have. She was so thrilled to get it that I am sure she will tend to it.

    I think your father was correct! That needs to be engraved somewhere.

  3. I'm glad they filled the hole--I would have required that they fill the hole, and maybe you did too. I'm also glad you gave the tree away instead of killing it. I used to have hosta. I love how they look, but Oregon has too many snails and slugs (some of the slugs get to be 3-5" long for hosta.


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