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Sunday, April 6, 2014

For the Birds


nest material
Back in November, I made the holder for nest material from all free material. Before I put it out today,  I pulled thread out to give the birds the idea to collect it.
A picture from last year when I posed it in a tree
and brought it in until now.
view from the porch
not good

view from inside
Think I need to wash the picture window?
Since I want to get a picture of the birds helping themselves, I need it in a better place that is still safe for them and still where I can snap a picture.  I suppose I will play around with location this afternoon. There are plenty of places out of my view when in the house or this part of the yard.

black tulip
Several years ago, a black tulip emerged from the yard. I was fascinated, thinking maybe a bird deposited the seed. It came back another year. Since then, people have taken delight in the fact they were mowing it so it would never bloom.  It's about six inches tall right now. I will save it this year! I am on a tulip
Okay, maybe it is not black, but it is the darkest purple or eggplant that I have ever seen.

April 6, 2014
5 out of six is good


The exbf fell on this, folding it in half. It has survived better than I thought it would.  I believe that there is another tray that fits inside, not sure. Now, to fill it up with pellets.
Your turn
Do you put out nesting material for birds? What do you offer them? What material do they just take from you? Have you ever seen a black tulip?


  1. Love the nesting material idea. I throw the cat fur outside for them. but might consider going further.
    And I love, love, love your tulips. And have seen that incredible deep purple/black one. Some year I will grow one too.

    1. EC,
      Thanks. Do you think the birds might be afraid of cat fur?

      Okay, I am glad you have seen that tulip. I was afraid people would think I was making it It's raining cats and dogs here, real gully washers. So, tomorrow the ground will be very soft. Maybe I can get a shovel in and the bulb pried up and into a pot. THEN, maybe it will bloom next year.

  2. I threw my daughter's hair from her hair brush out the window, does that count? :D And I leave out the stale bread too.

    1. Cool Joe,
      Sure, her hair counts. I would throw my hair from my brush out the window, but the hair color might kill the baby birds, maybe ruin the eggs. Yep, stale bread after a hard day of building a nest beats pulling worms out of the ground.

  3. OMG! It's bad enough that I have to support Democrats leaching off my tax dollars, now I have to support birds, too? Screw them. They can find their own nesting material or they can become homeless. I do feed them all. the. time. Those feeders empty faster than an NASCAR gas tank.

    1. Coffeypot,
      Hey, this Democrat is not leaching off your tax dollars. I worked! All this thread should go in the trash and landfill? LOL...homeless funny. The image! I just let my birds go hungry since I now feed chickens. However, the leach birds steal from my hens! I now have fat, thieving birds who will soon have colorful homes.

  4. Years ago I bought a package deal of tulips - I think 5 of each color - white, pale pink, medium pink, pinkish purple, pale purple, deep purple and black.I planted them in a rectangle white to black - spacing them much closer than recommended, in a pattern of 3 in the back row & 2 in the front, then 2 in the back and 3 in the front. Put them in the back yard where I could enjoy them from the kitchen or the family room. They truly were gorgeous and everyone liked the black tulips best. They came up for about 5 years, never did anything to them, but they were overplanted with annuals and those were fertilized and composted and then we moved to FL.

    1. Bellen,
      I plant things where I can enjoy them when sitting in my swing, looking out the kitchen window over the sink, or in my side yard where I go in the house. That sounds like a great deal on tulips. I imagine you have lots of flowers more easily in Florida. Thanks for the comment. The black is spectacular.


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