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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Or, I can cut it down with a hacksaw

soon to go

I bought two pink dogwoods years ago when such a purchase was not such a hardship as it would be now. I planted one in the back yard to soon shade the kitchen window. I planted the other under the oak tree in the front yard. After all, it is an understory tree! This little tree did not grow for 15 years. It just stayed the same height with only one or two flowers to delight me. I think the hundred-year oak takes all the nutrients.
About 5 feet tall now, barely any blossoms
The straight up part is the original tree. The branch/trunk to the right started growing at that angle about five years ago. Strange!
Two years ago, I decided to have someone cut it off at the ground. Then, last year a guy from a church told me he would be back in two weeks to finish cleaning up my yard. I offered him the little pink dogwood. He would be back next week and finish the yard and dig up the tree. Well, the yard is still a mess and the tree is still there.
I think the tree was eavesdropping. It has grown two feet in two years, AND has about a dozen blossoms. Today, I offered it to many people as I shopped for things to get this weekend. An employee in Lowe's was thrilled and plans to bring her husband to dig it up tomorrow.
I had decided that if I could not give this pink dogwood away, I would sell it in free advertising in the paper and on the internet. The idea--it would be more desirable if for sale than if it were free.
The pink dogwood in the back yard is at least 30 feet tall. Unfortunately, the blossoms all reverted to white. It's such a disappointment, but I won't cut it down or replace it.
scared me
I came home late and was walking to the hens' pen. They came to meet me and walked so slowly back to the pen. I was watching them so I would not walk on them. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something walking slowly on the wood fence. Raccoon! Albino! When I finally focused my cataract-afflicted eyes, I saw it was a yellow cat. It went and sat on this fence post.
The image was jumping around in the camera window. Since I dropped the camera last week, it just does not work right. No problem because this is okay. Now, blogger is controlling the image and justification.
This yellow cat is always very wary of me, not friendly like the other cats around here. Well, they ignore me and are not afraid of me. I have pondered as to what made this cat so afraid of me.
same cat?
If so, I understand why it is frightened of me. This picture was taken in daylight and the one of the cat on the fence was taken at almost dark, so the other one seems to be a paler yellow, but it's not. 
6 lbs. of corn just removed from the car
The new guy at the dinner gave me this for my chickens. There is no date on the bottom, just a code. Plus, there is a smidgen of rust where it sat on a shelf. Tonight, I will open the can and empty it--half for freezer and half for them to eat from for a bit. They love whole kernel corn more than they do Whole Grain Oats.
Your turn
Would you go to dig up a pink dogwood that was free? Do your cats, dogs, or chickens love whole kernel corn? A friend said he had to put corn under the cat food and on top to get his cat to eat. 


  1. We had a cat who adored corn on the cob - she would roll the kernell round until she got every last kernel off. The same cat who used KFC as a contraceptive. She was partial to Twisties too.

  2. EC,
    LOL. My friend said his cat loved it more than life itself and that dogs loved it too, corn on or off the cob. My chickens really love a good corn cob full of corn. They even love ones that I have cut the corn from or one that exbf eats from. They are especially equipped to peck out all the little holes where a bit of corn still exists. They spend hours on cobs.

  3. I would take that dogwood in a flash However I don't think they grow well in my climate. And I have a postage stamp yard.

  4. Kristine,
    You live in CA? They do need lots of water because they have shallow root systems.

  5. I would most certainly dig up a Dogwood. They actually grow well here.

    I simply love cats! I have spent all but perhaps !) months total of my adult life with at least one black cat in residence. My kids have the job of feeding and watering our cats. (I believe it makes my kids more compassionate.) Tiger kids have been known to sneak tuna in the dishes, but as far as I know, the cats have not tried corn!

    1. Meg B.,
      Well, it would probably grown well in my back yard, but the front yard is not friendly territory, obviously!

      I am allergic to cats, but we had several black cats for the kids. Try corn and see how your cats like it. Do not give them much corn, even in their bags or tins of cat food. Some cats are very allergic.


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