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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Easter card from Janet

Thanks. This card made my day. Okay, maybe it was the Easter M&Ms that gave me that high.

Easter baskets at a church
This congregation had these prepared for the children on Easter. I did not dig around in the baskets and surrepititiously took this picture. There is a chocolate cross, an Easter sticker book about Ruth, and the Rejoice and He is Risen books that I assume were coloring books. The church obviously has no problem with mixing secular and religious themes. This is in no way a criticism.
The candy is my nod to Easter because I don't want to cook and cannot afford to eat out. I have the food, just not the energy or will right now.
Your turn
What did you do to celebrate Easter, secular or religious?


  1. I gardened my heart out again. Cleaned the bathroom.
    Had two hot-cross buns for lunch and will have left-overs for dinner. And perhaps some chocolate. If I can keep my eyes open.

  2. ED,
    Ah, your Easter is over and well-spent. It is 1:45 am here. I should have done more, but a nap ambushed me.

  3. Have something delivered. Pizza, Chinese, whatever...

  4. Coffeypot,
    That sound delicious right now. I think the only thing delivered in this town is pizza. Right now, a salad sounds good, and I have the fixings!


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