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Thursday, April 3, 2014

I Have Been Busy, Sort Of

Sedum came back after spending the winter in a pot. Above is after I pruned it. Now, three days later, it is twice as tall. But, I did not take another picture.
This is how it spent the winter. Notice the pretty top, brown now, but it stayed a dark reddish brown during the winter. The new foliage started turning green back in December. I have been fascinated that it survived the frigid weather we have had.
The sedum was in the small pot and top-heavy, so it kept falling over. To prevent that I set the pot of sedum into a large pot. It still kept falling over, so I stuffed these Styrofoam cups inside the larger pot to stabilize the smaller pot. I will put the sedum into a larger pot to solve the falling over problem and improve the aesthetics. I have no idea where those Styrofoam cups came from because I certainly did not purchase them. ???
tulips, April 2, 2014
It looks as though these bulbs spending the winter in the house in the package did not hurt them.
tulips, April 3, 2014
I went out at 11:00 pm tonight and took the picture above. I hope the storms tomorrow do not ruin the blooms. You know, I would rather garden at night. If I did not live with such close neighbors, I would go out and pot at night. Actually, if I had lights out there, I would work at night, anyway. Gardening they way I do it, all alone and with no noisy equipment is not a noisy endeavor. However, I do talk to the plants and dirt and pots. "How did you get so dirty?" "So, I think you need a drink of water." One neighbor has one of the lights, sodium--I think it is called. His yard is like daylight. I doubt anyone would even notice me.
Does anyone know what the plant above is called? I asked you before when it was smaller. It has this peculiar look, like an umbrella. I was in a state park, saw these plants and liked them. The guy I was with just pulled up some for me. Okay, I asked him to get them for me. I did not know that it was illegal to do so. For ten years they have emerged and die off when the weather is too warm for them. They are in the shade like they were in the forest, but it still seems that heat is the factor that makes them die. They will have a blossom underneath these petals. I am fascinated by them and cannot figure out what they are. They never get taller than about two feet or less.
So this is not much busy, you think. I have been trying to catch up on laundry and dishes since I was so ill. Plus, I had six mystery shops to do. Like I said, I make nothing off the mystery shopping once I figure in gas I use, but things are shipped free to my children. I have another post on my foray today that I will put up later.
At last, I feel better, just tire easily. But, my head and chest are clear even though I still have ear aches. Actually, it seems my head has not been so clear in my whole life. Yay Zyrtec and nose sprays added to my pseudoephedrine! 
Exbf was here today to help with a few things, so I was too tired to even eat dinner. We had a hearty salad. I ate my salad at 11 pm and followed it up with mango and strawberries. I slept from 6:30 pm until 10:30 pm. When I have a banana and a glass of milk, I will go back to bed. Predicted early morning storms will prevent me from sleeping late. Uggh!
I found a package with one bulb that did not get planted last fall. Sooo, I wonder if it will actually grow.
Your turn
What plants have you been working with lately? Are you getting any storms from the latest outbreak? Do you know the name of my mystery plant? Do you ever lose/misplace plants, seeds, bulbs? Do you talk to your plants?



  1. I am really glad to hear that you are, finally, feeling a bit better. Don't push your health though - if you are tired, rest. And rest some more.
    Love your sedum and your tulips.

    1. EC,
      Actually, I had not felt well for about three or four months. So, I finally became so ill I had to go to the doctor. I am going to follow your suggestion and rest lots, just my kind of prescription. Thanks. Those tulips are a real surprise.

  2. Gad to hear that you are feeling better. Those storms last night and the night before were something, huh!? We have new neighbors, a middle aged couple living out of there car and some tents...can you even imagine in the springtime with all the storms we have?? That's some kind of combination of crazy and stupid, imo, but I'm sure people thought the same thing about us when we came up here with ten kids and a little tin

    1. * glad....and *their car....can't be getting my there, their and they're wrong, now can I?

    2. MM.
      I got nothing on Wed night and last night, barely any rain. It was weird how it all went around me or lessened. However, camping out like that in perfect weather is not for Ten kids in a tin can sounds better than a tent. You DID have a better plan, I think. A person might be able to stay dry, but the winds should take care of those plans and rip a tent down. Maybe they won't be crazy neighbors!

  3. I think that plant is Mayapple.

    1. Deb,
      Thanks. I will check that out.

    2. Michelle,
      I checked the pictures online, and I do have a Mayapple. Thanks, again.


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