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Friday, April 4, 2014


April 4, 2014
Are you bored with my tulips yet? I am thrilled beyond having any sense of knowing other people are not so thrilled.

The Choices

Yesterday, I drove about 30 miles to a mystery shop. On the way, at the last turn exbf said, "Chicks for Sale" Neither of us saw the shop but the sign was at the edge of a shopping center. I did my job and we left. He suggested we eat first and then see the chicks. Good idea.  We ate using a coupon--two burgers for $3. The chicks were at Tractor Supply (TSC). The ducks and chicks were cute.

still in the box

On the way into the store I spotted greenhouses for $19.95. (I forgot to say it was marked down from $49.95) I immediately tried to haul one into the cart. Exbf picked it up when I could not.  On the way home I asked him if he thought it was a good deal like I thought. He absolutely did not. That was a downer. But, I chose to spend my money that way. sigh. He knows I don't really have anything to spare for fun.

I had already decided to attend the Blooming Festival that is about a mile from my house. Tomorrow and Sunday are the days, April 5th and 6th.  It costs $5 to park, $6 to get in. Even a small snack is $3. If you want to get into the Grotto, that is another $3. Buying a craft costs even more! I would pay to park, pay admission, and buy a small snack (maybe). That is $14 right there!

Entertainment is top notch. Several years, we had Three on a String before they became famous. They may be only famous in the South and PBS. I have forgotten the names you might remember.

A greenhouse was my choice. Now, to get it assembled! I will really miss going to the Blooming Festival. Oh, Blooming Festival is an Arts and Crafts show on the grounds of a Benedictine Monastery. Ave Maria Grotto is advertised world-wide.

UPDATE: I wished I had not bought the greenhouse so that I could have gone to the Blooming Festival tomorrow and Sunday! sigh

Your turn
What hard choices have you had to make? What did you regret? Bored with my tulips yet? LOL


  1. I think it was $20 well spent if it will bring you that much fun :)

    1. tlc,
      Yes, it will be fun. Plus, I hope that lettuces will produce enough to make it worth the $20. Thanks.

  2. Not in the slightest bored with your tulips. Love them.
    And twenty dollars for a greenhouse which will give you hours of fun, and productivity? Not expensive at all.

    1. EC,
      Those tulips are a prize to me since they were planted some time in Feb and not the fall. If I can eat lettuce all summer and get the tomatoes and other things started, it will be so well worth it. Then, I can tell exbf about the "free" salad he is eating. I think I forgot to say it was marked down from $49.95.

  3. I think the greenhouse sounded like a good deal,. My goal is to make my own next year. The ones around here run $85-100. I can make my own for cheaper :)
    I love your flowers. I do t get bored reading or looking at them.

  4. Jason and Michelle,
    If I could find my drill, I would be making a greenhouse. I need a drill for pilot holes for nails or screws, maybe for bolts and washer connections. This one is probably cheaply made, originally $49.95 or so the ad said.

    Good, you may see more of them. Thanks.

  5. I envy you your greenhouse! They sell here for$40.00.
    Not bored with tulips, not at all. We are in the throes of Tulip Festival here. It's drive to the tulip fields, whuch are a riot of color. In two weeks, though, the tulips will be dug up and become mud, until the next crop (potatoes, I believe) are planted. Gosh, sometimes I can see clearly why exbf became ex.....glad you treated yourself. Can't wait to see what you plant in your greenhouse!

    1. Meg B.,
      Later that day, he remarked that he would like an ice cream cone. I was driving my car, so I went to Burger King for the 75 cent cones. I had been complaining about being parched, so when I got to the window to get the cones, paying with his $2, I asked about the price of water. It was 27 cents, so I order one. Later, he remarked that there was no way in hell that he would pay 27 cents for a cup of water! He then got all mad and irritated. I could have driven to the grocery nearby, parked, walked in the store, gotten one of their 25 cent bottles of water, and waited in a checkout to pay 27 cents. Somedays, he still annoys me so and hurts my feelings.

      He should feel lucky I did not ask him to buy the He sees no use in it. We discussed it last night. When he has more salads, maybe he will understand that they will eventually be free salads.

      So, what do they do with the tulips after they dig them up?

  6. I, for one, love your tulips... beautiful! They make me homesick as my mother always had some growing on the East side of our house.

    Like you, my life is often about choices, especially when it comes to spending hard-earned money. It is so hard to decide if you want/need something or would like to spend it on a fun outing. Both sound great to me. I do think you got a good deal on the little greenhouse for that price, and you can plan ahead to enjoy the event next year!

    I love the title of your blog, because I learned a new word today! :-)

    1. jts,
      Well, I am sorry they make you homesick, but glad they do bring back a good memory.

      The Blooming Festival is one of the best things in town that I love. But, next year, maybe.

      We all need to learn something new every day, not necessarily a new word, just something to expand us in the world. The new thing could be a shortcut through town. Glad to be a


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