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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Front Yard Recovery

white wisteria and red nandina

In a few days the white wisteria will be at its peak. All the white wisteria is on the side of the house opposite the door. So, the side door is on one side of the house, and this is on the other side of the house. Did I make that clear? lol The wood swing is right next to this display. Do you love the smell of wisteria? 
looks like vinca to me
For years, I have either been too broke or too cheap to save my front yard. Grubs were eating the grass roots and my yard was getting bare. Of course, that led to weeds, lots of weeds. One year, the oak tree thought it was dying and threw off a bumper crop of acorns. There had to have been 100,000 tiny oak trees that took root that first winter. I have been fighting those for five years.
I went out to look at my stand of oak trees. Well, it appears the vinca I love has established itself really well. Now, I only have to worry about snakes living there.
My friend had vinca on one side of her house with only a path that she walked and crushed down. One day, a snake crossed in front of her. So, she had her workman mow a path about ten feet wide. So, now I expect snakes in the vinca.

How many things can he move and not put back?
When exbf was here, I had to take a nap, so he just did what I asked while I slept. He is good like that. Since I rarely sleep when he is here, he knew I needed sleep. When I got up and finally looked out the side door, this is what I found. I just want to know "Why?" Why did he pull all this out and leave it? sigh.... Okay, I really know. He hurts so when he helps me, needing two hip replacements.
This is the side yard where the door is located. And there is newspaper from the cage and a plastic bag blowing across the yard, right in the background. 
after the first night
I love the greenhouse and had nothing in it the first nights. The first two nights, I just leaned it on the wagon rather than have it blow over in the storms. Then, I set it up, leaning on the side of the porch stairs. Obviously, it does not take much to make it blow over.
See the greenery behind the greenhouse? That is the lush greenery from Naked Ladies aka Resurrection Lily. They will be lovely but bare of greenery, hence, the name "Naked Lady."
As I walked out to take the picture of the wisteria, I noticed the rock on the right was hiked up. Wondering why, I stopped to investigate. I placed these rocks to define the flower bed, so I pay attention. See the root that has lifted the rock? Now, I have to worry a lawnmower blade with hit the root and kill the tree.
The flower garden needs to be cleaned out. Maybe I will get around to it.
all the tulips bloomed
These are amazingly hardy tulips. They had to be to survive my abuse. I went out tonight to take their daily portrait.

Good Night, Moon
I had sat down to take the tulip's pictures. There was lots of light pollution, but I turned the camera up and snapped, getting this picture of the Waxing Gibbous Moon in spite of a cheap camera and adverse conditions.
Your turn
Do you ever just walk around your yard with the intent of seeing just what was happening?  


  1. I love white wisteria. Ours has gone to god, but I will replace it. And I very, very fond of your tulips too.
    And yes, I OFTEN wander around the yard just to see what is happening - what is growing, what is flowering, what is dying...

    1. EC,
      No one, not even god, I suspect, can kill my wisteria. Road crews finally sprayed miles of it with brush killer.

      I'm glad to know that you, too, wander around looking.

  2. I love wisteria---I had a blue one here when I moved in, but I had to move it TWICE, and it didn't like it one bit and died. I miss it.

    In early spring, I must go out fifty times a day just to see how far the snow has receded. I love to see the perennials coming back to life and see what else is poking up. So relaxing.---and informative.

    And again, I am going to tease you about exbf--because, I don't know---he spends an awful lot of time there for an ex. Sure he's an ex??????

    1. Sue,
      I cannot imagine that you killed it. Mine won't go away, even when it took over and I tried to kill it. Going out to see how much snow has melted sounds like something I might Relaxing and informative is how I would describe it, too.

      OH, I am positive. He said he would help me but did not want to be my bf. The other day, he said he did not intend to be coming here this long--five years later.

  3. This is the time of the year in Istanbul where you see tons and tons of purple wisterias, Judas trees and tulips. It is really beautiful. I should take some pictures and post. I live in an apartment so no yard for me but we do have a nice garden taken care of.

    1. T'Pol,
      It all sounds lovely. My friend lived in Yemen for several years and said their flowering trees and other flowers were larger and prettier than anything here. I would like to see pictures.

  4. I walk around the house every morning. And I walk around the pool, the inside of the lanai, every morning too. And every day I eat lunch outside in the lanai and survey the areas surrounding my lot, checking the birds and butterflies. And every evening before supper I check to see if I have any tomatoes to pick. And every night before bed I walk out on the lanai and check the sky for the moon and stars. Guess i spend a lot of time outside - because I live in Paradise!!

    1. Bellen,
      Before I became so disabled in the walking part of my life, I spent more time in the yard. I ate at the picnic table, napped in the swing over there, or just sat in the swing. I checked on lots more things than I do now. I don't have a lanai and don't live in

    2. Linda - I believe that wherever we live is Paradise

    3. Bellen,
      That is so true, especially when people care. I wonder if those people who live in slums would think so.

  5. I am like you. I have to walk around to see all the new growth everyday! This years been a little hard for that as the snow never ends, but I did see a few things sprouting. How I wish I could grow wisteria!

    1. Feral Turtle,
      The snow would put a damper on walking around looking for new growth! Where do you live? Wisteria should grow for you. Have you tried multiple times or what?

  6. I don't think that I have ever smelled wisteria. I only know one person who ever tried to grow it and she was not very successful. I assume it smells wonderful ... is it similar to gardenia? Jasmine? honeysuckle?


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