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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Chicken Fabric

brownish tones

greenish background that is supposed to be a pastel
Both of these came from Walmart. The brownish-reddish tones are actually much richer. The corners of the fabric picture actually is better than the center of the picture. The pastel green on the lower one is prettier than the picture. I suppose the discrepancy in the actual colors and what I captured could be the fluorescent lighting--not sure.
People from all over come to this Walmart for its selection of fabrics. I know this because I hear the conversations and griping about other Walmarts in the area. One day, I met a fellow crafter that I had not seen in 25 years. She had just arrived in Birmingham from a craft show in Texas and drove another 50 miles to here to get fabric she could find nowhere else.                                                                                
I rarely purchase fabric anymore. There is plenty here, but probably not what I need if I ever can sew again. Even before, I bought fabric wholesale and had it delivered in boxes I could not lift or even drag/shove in the front door.
Your turn
Do you purchase chicken fabric to make things for your own use or for sale? 


  1. What fun. I have never noticed chicken fabric, and will keep my eye out for it.
    I no longer sew - recalcitrant hands - but seeing this fabric is tempting. Very tempting.

  2. EC,
    I just don't buy material anymore because I have waaaay too much and storage is shrinking. But, this tempts me, too. Napkins are easy on hands.

  3. I don't sew--which is great for me, because I could easily become "addicted" to fabric! These patterns are adorable. I saw some bright yellow background fabric with chickens and eggs at a local bakery-and it came from Walmart.

    1. Sue,
      I do understand. I spent lots of time sewing and would still. I think that fabric you saw must be the one that sold out before I could take a picture. It was so cute.

  4. I just bought some chicken themed fabric...I plan on making some "Chef's" pants for work. Because I work at the Elementary school all of my work clothes are food or farm animal themed...the little kids just love it. When I first introduced the new salad bars I wore chef's pants with bowls of salad greens and tomatoes! I'm so glad I can sew...I can really get creative!

    1. Lynda,
      I can imagine that your pants help the children learn to eat their healthy food. I feel lucky, too, that I can sew. Thanks for sharing that.


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