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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lonely Chick Cheep

The chicks were chirping, wanting something. What? Oh, yes, just what they always want--food and water. All of a sudden, the timbre of the chirp changed. It sounded lonely. Oh my gosh? How did it escape? How will I get it from under the claw foot tub?

Nope, the one lonely sounding chick was sitting on the top of the box on a towel on the edge of the box. I have one box inside another for the insulating effect. It's cold here!

 At TSC some of the chicks were jumping out of the boxes, tall boxes in which they were placed as people bought the chicks.  I should have rejected those chicks, probably boys.

I put him back in, and closed up both boxes. Ahhh, silence.

It would have been a perfect photo if I had my camera. I wish it would cheep for me.

Your turn
Can you tell by the chirp that one of the chicks has escaped or is somehow isolated?


  1. I am not surprised you can - you have obviously taken on the mama chook role, and can distinguish lonely, hungry,or frightened calls.

  2. EC,
    They are just like babies--each cry has a meaning. You might be surprised the range of calls the older ones can vocalize.

    1. No, I wouldn't be surprised. A miaow is not a miaow - if you know what you are listening for. And of course you can tell the differences in your chickens' calls. You care, you listen, you pay attention.


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