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Friday, February 21, 2014

Wendy Was Right

wick holder is removable

that was easy
When I posted this clever recycled item, I asked, "Does anyone know how to push the wick back in?" Wendy suggested the part that held the wick could be removed. That was correct. Thanks Wendy.
Notice the BP can recycled. 

See how long the wick was after
I tried to put it back in last year?
That was such a simple thing.
Your turn
Do you ever shake your head when such an easy solution is at hand and you don't get it? When was the last or most memorable time when you asked for help for a simple problem when the solution was escaping you? Did you feel your cheeks burn like I did?


  1. I am embarrassed by myself often. Luckily my memory is shot so I don't remember.

    1. EC,
      Oh, you made me laugh, a big, belly laugh. Well, I suppose that is a good part of ragged memory. Thanks for the comment.

  2. For a YEAR after we remodeled our kitchen! I complained about refilling the in sink dish detergent dispenser because the contractor had placed it on the same side of the sink as the disposal.

    When my husband mentioned that it was empty, I said, "yes, I know. I need to refill it. I hate it because I have to sit on the floor and move everything under the sink to unscrew the container and then try to put the container back behind the disposal. "

    Bob shook his head and then said, "Or you could just do this" and he simply pulled the little dispenser top from the top of the sink.

    I felt really blonde after that.

    1. Rita,
      Oh, how hard it is to live a thing like that down! My face would have been burning. Thanks for that very good example. Good story. still laughing.

  3. OMG. I'm not the only one!!! Just like Rita, I'd crawl under the sink, look up and unscrew that damn plastic bottle. Then one day, while trying to clean the gunk out of the recessed parts on the plunger, it came OUT of the damn plastic bottle. An AHA moment for sure.

    1. And I KNOW I tried to pull that damned thing up when it was first installed. I'm sure I did. Or I thought I did.

      And I cussed that poor contractor every time I refilled it because trying to screw it back up in a blind spot was crazy.

      Plus the fact that I'm incredibly arrogant about being smarter than everyone in the room.

      When out of the blue you get smacked across the head with how really STOOPID you are.

      I still laugh at myself about that whole year of refilling the soap.


    2. You two? LOL I am so glad I did not ever have that bottle thing installed. Otherwise, I would be under the sink, too. Oh, yes. I hate being wrong, but I am gracious, brush it off in hopes everyone will just forget about

    3. I need to be knocked down a peg or two at times. I love telling that story, just because it's so incredibly stupid and I never even realized.

      I also wore two completely different shoes one day at work. At least they were both brown, but one had an open clog heel and one was a flat.

      I didn't realize it until I got home, luckily no one noticed.

      Can you guess that I don't take fashion too seriously?

    4. I got out with identical shoes, just one black and one navy. I suppose I don't take fashion too seriously,

  4. Oh goodness, far too many times to recount!

  5. Oooo, this happens to me a lot. I make things so complicated some times. lol


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