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Saturday, February 22, 2014

In the Middle of the Night

I won't go walking in my sleep. I If I did, I would just hurt myself. Instead, the River of My Dreams is Coke bursting in the freezer! Usually, the whole Coke spews and coats all surfaces of the freezer and every item in there. It is such a mess. Tonight is not fun, but not so upsetting.

The Coke has been moved. See the word "Coke"? That was not visible as it was on the top side.  I turned the can to find the liquid froze as it came out. Otherwise, every surface in there would be brown.

Last night about 7 pm, I wanted a Coke. So, since I had not put the ice tray in the freezer, I just put the Coke there for about a half hour. Then, I needed a nap. It was calling my name. But, I wanted, NEEDED to watch the news and weather. Okay, maybe I would awake in time. So, off to bed I went and tried to go to sleep with cold feet.

After sleeping until 9:30 pm, I had to go to the bathroom. And, I still had cold feet. Well, no wonder, I only had my wool blanket over my feet! When the weather was 54 at night, I had to remove two heavy blankets. Three are still there on the bed, but I only managed to get one over my feet when it was 34 F degrees last night. After I went to bathroom and decided to sleep more instead of staying up for the news and weather, I covered my feet with another blanket. It felt like a furnace was turned on my feet.

At 12:30 am, I felt I had enough sleep. About 2 am, I remembered the Coke and found the small mess made in the freezer. So, I put it in the sink and put another in the freezer. Why do I do this to myself? Why don't I have more than one ice tray? I do have more than one ice tray, but the freezer became so crowded that I had to hold my mouth just right to get even one in there. Right now, I can get all 10 or so in there.

So, it is the middle of the night, what do I do?
I am finishing a load of wash I started yesterday afternoon.
Watched some of the Olympics skiing events.
Ate chocolate chips.
Ate a bowlful of cooked cabbage.
Started my three meds, taking the premarin.
Ate more chocolate chips.

I piddled, doing really necessary things:
Pick up the three two glasses and the Coke can from yesterday afternoon, sitting here on the table waiting to go to the kitchen.
Put away a few of the dishes in the dishwasher.
Looked out the window for a bit.
Opened the door and went out on the porch and looked around.
Brushed my teeth.
Put clothes in the dryer.
Hung a few things in the bathroom after I took down the dry things hanging in there.
Put in another load of clothes.

What I will do now:
Cook bacon and scrambled eggs and have milk and orange juice. I won't need breakfast then just before I leave at 6:30 am.
Wash a few dishes in the sink. There are lots, but I will only wash a
When the house is warm enough, I will wash my hair in the bathroom sink, like I have done all my life.

I will look at my seeds!

It's funny, but reading back over that, I have done a lot in two or so hours. That's work!

Your turn
Do you ever get up in the middle of the night and do a day's work to make up for sleeping when you desperately needed sleep? Or, did you ever just complete one large, necessary chore? What kind of things do you do?


  1. I just put 2nd load of laundry in the washer and hung up the first. Organized the kitchen pantry so I know what I need at the market tomorrow. Now Im stuck because if I do anything I will wake people up :(

    1. J,
      When I posted this, I knew you would Well, there is no one to wake up here. If there were anyone upstairs, nothing down here would not be heard. I could bowl down here and it was not audible up there. My bedroom is has three rooms between it and laundry and kitchen. The toddler had the dining room for a bedroom, and she slept through anything. (The kitchen is large enough to eat in.) Back then, I rarely worked much in the middle of the night. It is almost five and hair is still damp. Going to cook breakfast in about two minutes. I ate more chocolate chips.

  2. Get up and read blogs. Can't do much else or I'd wake up everyone else in the house. Not that I would want to do that much work in the middle of the night anyway.

    1. Rita,
      I often just read blogs, too. If you get things done during the day, not working in the night is okay. I just at least want to feel some sense of accomplishment and not fall further behind than I seem to stay all the time. Well, I am glad you came here.

  3. Oh, I would if I could, but I would probably wake up husband and kids. I need a lot of sleep, but I also need a lot of alone time. I used to get up early to get it, but husband us an early is my youngest. Now, I may stay up an hour or so later than husband when I need to unwind, ut all I can do is read, or watch t.v. so az not yo disturb the family. I envy you the freedom of schedule! Dh complained once about me staying up past him.....ONCE. I told him (among otter things) that I hadn't had a bedtime since age 12, and he wasn't going to set one for me. By the same token, it isn't fair if I keep him up until 2 by running the sewing machine either.

    1. My husband tried for 14 years to make me go to bed when he did. No, I never did anything to wake anyone. I read lots at night back then.

  4. When I can't sleep I do the ironing. Or the dusting. Both jobs I loathe but which are quiet and don't disturb the rest of the house. If I can't sleep I get a hated job done. If I get tired, I go back to bed. A win either way.

    1. EC,
      There is no ironing But, night when I cannot sleep is a good time to do things that will not get done the next day. We are on the same page in this respect.

  5. Are you able to wash your hair without getting yourself wet? I'm looking for tips. :-)


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