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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Crockpot Debut

Chicken and Spanish Rice
1 hour into cooking

 The chicken and Spanish Rice looks delicious and smells delicious.  I had to move things to get the huge, lovely Crockpot in place. Thank you kind friend for this surprise.  It has to sit very close to the microwave because it needs to reach an outlet. And, the other side of the microwave is hugged by the dehydrator!

At 7 p.m. I was leaving and tasted this. It was delicious. An hour later and it was so thick I could cut it. I should not have put an extra 1/2 cup parboiled brown rice in the pot. So, I will only use one cup of rice. Plus, the Progresso was not enough tomato.

At 8 p.m.  I turned it off and ate a huge helping. Then, I turned it on and added Rold Gold diced tomatoes without sodium and another can of water.

I will not confuse you with the recipe that was too thick and did not have enough tomatoes.

The recipe I will use next time:

1 cup Uncle Ben's Parboiled brown rice
about 2 lbs chicken tenders (any cut of chicken or even ground beef)
1/2  chopped onion (or more)
1 whole bell pepper, diced (used too little with 1/2)
1 can Progresso Recipe Cooking Starters cooking sauce (or any tomato product)
1 Progresso can water
2 cans Rold Gold diced tomatoes
1 can Rold Gold can water

I cooked this for 5 hours on high.

There is no salt in this. I can tell it. However, the extra tomatoes and the extra bell pepper will make it very tasteful for me. Others may need more salt. Salt is not my favorite thing unless it is on potato chips or French fries. And, I don't eat those often.

The lessening of the amount of rice and adding more liquid will make it less chunky rice and tastier, needing less salt.


There is lots of chicken in there.
Dinner on Wednesday
Spanish Rice with Chicken
Green Beans
Three or four individual servings go into the freezer. The rest will be my lunch or dinner this week. Exbf will come here to help me, so that will probably our dinner with green beans and some other vegetable. I would never have bought the Progresso, but it was given to me.
It took a lot of nerve to plug in the Crockpot.
Even if I cook when he is here, that was a lot easier. If I had put less water, I fear it would have been scorched when I was gone.
Your turn
Do you ever cook Spanish Rice in the Crockpot? Or any way? What do you cook in a Crockpot? Desserts? Was I brave to plug that in and leave the house for a bit.  Yay for crockpots.


  1. It is years since I have used a crockpot. I wonder why? And we don't add salt to food either. It took a little while before our taste-buds adjusted, but now even a little salt it too much.
    Have you solved your blogger issues, or is this post a lucky one?

  2. EC,
    I have never wanted one at all and have said so because I am afraid of fire. However, the friend who sent me the crockpot knew I would like it. I do. I suppose I will get over the fear and leave it on some night. I got over my sheer terror of my canner.

    One day when I was about 35, for no reason than I thought it would be healthful. I love food with a less or no salt. Even when I put in a little salt, it is less than most people like. When I met exbf in 2006, he said he needed salt. At first I got him the salt shaker because I never put a salt shaker on the table. One day, I was exhausted and asked him if he minded getting it himself. He did and did from then on. For at least of the eight out of the nine years I have known him, he has never or seldom used salt.

    I would tell him nicely and often that he ate too much salt and that was not good for him. If he wanted salted, I just stopped and sadly watched him season his food. When we went out to eat, he quit salting his food.

    Now, there is the time both of us need more salt on restaurant prepared food. Here at home, I can season with herbs and spices rather than salt. He really likes some things I put on our food instead of salt.

    I told him at first that he could not smell because he smoked. It is true. He tries more to take care of his health, except he started smoking again.

    No, I have not solved the problems. It is a computer problem and a computer problem. This stressed me to think about this computer might just finally lock up. I have no idea if it will work after I turn it on in the morning.

    1. I meant he could not taste. He just did not realize how much sodium he consumed.

  3. I use my crock pot constantly. I fill it up in the morning and turn it on and it cooks all day while I'm at work. In 37 years, I've never had a problem with it. And I've only had two different crockpots. The old one I keep at work for staff luncheons, and the newer bigger one at home. I use it about once a week.

  4. I have never even heard of anyone who ever had a disaster because of a crock pot.

    However I do realize that your home is around 100 years old and that might also give me pause. I think I may have 4 or 5 different crock pots of different configurations. You don't need a big wide one to keep gravy warm but that same small gravy sized one is not suited for a pot roast or a couple of corned beefs .

    1. Jane and Janet,
      My wiring is about 40 years old. I always fear something will happen to the wiring if it shorts or overheats. Remember, when I was four, I watched my house burn to the ground. So, this is a problem for me, especially when it was deemed a wiring problem.

      I think I will use mine at least once a week. Udy with a J uses three at once for cooking and freezing.

      I bought a one quart one, tiniest made for $1 at a yard sale. I tried stewing apples in it on low and it spit and spewed. So, like the woman I bought it from, I have used it once. I suppose some day I will find a use for it. It was very clean, so I feel like I want to keep it. Maybe my tiny one is gravy-sized.

      The remodeler did not change the wiring in the kitchen. He made decisions that over-ruled me. I should have told him only my husband could do that and get away with it. I should have fired the guy.

    2. Jane,
      I can see how a person would need different sizes.

  5. I've use my crock pot a lot, especially in the summer when I use it on the covered, away from weather, lanai so the kitchen stays cooler. However, I've only used it on low which means whatever I'm cooking takes about 8 hours but I've never had anything be dry. I've even roasted a whole chicken by putting wadded up aluminum foil (used of course) in the bottom, put the chicken on top, added about 1/2-3/4 cup water and cooked on low 8 hours. It was juicy, done, flavorful and since I remove the skin anyway not having the skin brown was of no consequence. Trial and error is the way to go with a crock pot.

    1. Bellen,
      I would have to put it on the back porch or on a table beside the porch in the summer. It depends on how many flies came if it would be then thing for me to do. But, the chance of less heat is a good thought. Why would you put foil in the bottom? I don't worry about brown much when I cook chicken, so that would be okay with me. I can see that trial and error is necessary. This chicken and rice was good, but I won't cook it that way again. Thanks.

    2. The foil keeps the chicken off the bottom of the crock pot and prevents sticking, just like using a roasting pan with the grooves or insert.
      You can put some kind of cover over the crock pot on the porch - a box with no top or bottom and draped with cheesecloth maybe, just don't have anything touching the crock pot.

    3. Bellen,
      That's a good idea to keep off bugs. I was wondering how that was going to work out.

  6. I love my crockpot. My favorite recipe is my pot roast. Haven't tried desserts yet. And I leave mine on while at work.

    1. tlc,
      Roast will be my next thing to cook. Thanks.

  7. It looks superb ! I am also a crock pot queen. I love a beef stew with potatoes, brocolli, carrots, onions, peas, and oh some ketchup in there too, gently cooked to beyond recognition.

    1. Jane,

      Thanks, maybe I will do that with those vegetables next with roast. If you cook all those vegetables for 8 hours, would you not cook them to mush, beyond recognition, removing all nutrition. I have wondered about that. Thanks.

  8. Hooray, you made it. Now you will be hooked, no doubt. My crockpot died before Christmas and I'm waiting anxiously for our trip to the city to get one at the thrift store. I got the book, Slow Cookers for Dummies, which has good information and explains how to convert your favourite recipes into crockpot recipes.

    1. Sue,
      I am excited about the crock pot. I may go and look for a crockpot at the thrift store. The converting is my problem. I looked in the cookbook she gave me. I need to look again. That sounds like the book I need. Thanks

  9. I've never been concerned about leaving the house with a crock pot plugged in, but I don't have any worries about my wiring. I like to cook beef, noodles, and veggies all together in my crock pot. It can be eaten with or without broth. I don't think I've ever used it for a dessert. I've made Spanish rice in my rice steamer. Your chicken and rice looks delicious.


  10. Janie,
    I have no concerns about my wiring either. It is just my fear after seeing my house burn from a wiring problem. I am thinking about a huge pot of soup with vegetables and beef. Thanks. It was delicious!


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