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Monday, February 10, 2014

Walgreen Sunday For Me

10 Degree x $0.50
Saving $5 in Walgreens
??? savings over price elsewhere

In my normal large volume of junk mail, finally one piece is actually worth something. I received a card from Walgreens, saying something about getting prescriptions with Medicare Part D at the same possibly $0 copay. Instructions said to come in and discuss it with the pharmacist. I have never had a $0 copay, so I was skeptical. On the card was a coupon for $5 off next $10 non-prescription purchase. 
I went in, browsed a bit and found a bin of Degree for Women and Men in a bin marked $1. I cannot with certainty say how much this 1.6 oz. costs, but I do know it is more than $1. This is the brand and type my daughter uses--sheer powder. So, we both can use this at $0.50 each. I didn't have my coupons, but I can still use the coupons and reduce this cost per container to less than fifty cents.
Then, the pharmacist and I talked. It appears I can get the reduced prices on prescriptions even though I don't have Medicare Part D. I have one prescription that I have not moved to Walmart, so I may try that one and see if Walgreens' plan is as good as they say.

This bin was in the middle of the Valentine aisle, I think. Your Walgreen may not have the same clearance/special. But, it is worth a look. Oh, there were also containers of men's Degree stick deodorant. Oh, I said

So, saving $5 was good for me. Getting cheap deodorant was good for me, also.

Your turn
Did you find this deodorant bin in Walgreens? Have you gotten prescriptions at Walgreens and had a $0 or a very low copay? Who got the same card I did?


  1. The Government contributes towards our prescriptions - but they are never, ever free. Most come in at the $36 mark or so. Pensioners get them for less than $10. And some cost a small fortune. One of mine would be $1500+ a month except for the Government contribution. $36 is a big improvement.

    1. EC,
      I am sort of doubtful, thinking it might be a gimmick. $1500 is a lot of money. Wow!

  2. My walgreens had these before Christmas-so I took advantage of it to fill a wish for a family for toiiletries!

    1. mhart,
      I am quite sure the family appreciated that contribution. My goal is to get so many items free or really cheap that my shopping from my stash makes life easier for me and others I love, plus random people who need things.

  3. I never seem to find great deals at walgreens, cvs - anywhere LOL! I try to stay out of temptation's way though but might go in for Nivea body wash since I have a coupon for $3 off and one from CVS for $3 off a body wash purchase of $9 or more..will have to think about it because I expect it's 5 something a bottle so probably around $11 and would still cost $5 IF they took both coupons and I'd jump on it since I like the stuff but honestly I have enough body wash to get me through the year plus longer probably and usually I have to go back to the Aveeno sensitive skin and use the others sparingly. But I'm thinking I may make space to stock some items for Christmas time - started going to a church and they did Giving Tree at Christmas last year - the family I adopted they gave a list of required groceries and stated we could buy other non-perishables and/or toiletries - I had a blast and bought a couple of nice smelling body washes then sniffed all the men's axe and old spice to find a bottle for the 13 yr old boy...would be nice to stock it throughout the year when it's a bargain like you found then just use for this next year or take to the food pantry and see if they can use it throughout the year.


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