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Monday, February 3, 2014

Free DIGIORNO Pizza Coupon

I have about 50 Digiorno Pizza coupons from Red Plum inserts from last week. They expire on Feb 9th. If you want several, email me for my address. Send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope for several coupons, sent to you the day I get your SASE.

The Deal
Buy two Digiorno pizzas, 26 - 33 oz. Get one free. So, a BOGO. I bought a 33 oz pizza and got one free. So, less than $5 for two big pizzas.

My plan
The Digorno is a 33 oz pizza costing $4.50 = $0.14/oz
I will eat 1/4 of the pizza each time= $1.12 for my meal.
When exbf eats here, we will eat half, 1/4 for each of us=$2.50 for our meal.

The Totino's (or something I buy) is a 9 oz pizza, costing $1.36 = $.15/oz
I eat the whole pizza by myself and exbf and I half it. So either way, this is a $1.36 meal.

You don't have long, so decide if the mail will get back to you in time. You decide how many coupons you want.

Hmmm, if you want to put $1 in my Paypal, and leave your address, I will just send as soon as a  total of $1 is in my account, I have your address and know how many you want up to five (5) coupons. I hope this does not get too complicated.

Each BOGO coupon is worth a pizza!

Okay, I am having 1/4 Digiorno pizza and salad for dinner. I have never had this brand before.

Or, if you don't want to do that, go find some coupons to take advantage of this deal.

Slugmama used this coupon at Rite Aid and got both free with UPs+. She wrote about it HERE.

Your turn
Did anyone take advantage of this and get a free pizza? Or more?


  1. My pizzas weren't "exactly" free though...and they were part of a bunch of other spending/dealing. It IS a good coupon though if you want/need that sort of item.

  2. slugmama,
    I thought you used something else to make them free to you. like gift card or ups+. I do not "need" these. But, while I have the coupon, I am getting the pizzas because I want them.


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