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Thursday, February 27, 2014

My First Time...No not that

my first salad dressing

Since I have lost five pounds (6 lbs) in the last week...everyone clap... and needed salad dressing, I was careful but disappointed in the selections in the store. There was too much sodium in all the ones on the shelf that I would eat. I left the store without dressing.

The doctor has never told me not to eat sodium or lower my consumption of sodium, but it seems like the best route. When I was 12, I tried not to use much salt, leaving it off food my family salted. Of course, then or now, I will eat all the salt I want on chip or French fries. When I was 35, I renewed my efforts at low salt.
At last, I was going to make salad dressing.  This is something I have thought about for years. I planned to use oil and apple cider vinegar at the rate of 3 to 1. So, I set about and made it backwards--1 to 3. Now, I had to adjust it. It started out in a half pint jar. Then, I had to pour it in a larger jar. Wow, that mixing oil and vinegar in the right proportion was You know how it is once you get off track.
Okay, I sprinkled some Italian Seasoning in the mixture, Exbf did not like it. He did not spit it (I took it out for him to taste), just let his tongue hang out of his mouth, making weird noises. I watched him slobber and left disgusted.  Back in the house, I put honey, and some yellow mustard and one packet of sugar. I forgot to put celery seed...ah.
For dinner he got something creamy from the refrigerator. My dressing, salad greens, and chicken on top were fine for me.
That is a very uncomplicated recipe using things I have right here. The only sodium was in the bit of mustard. I had two yellow mustards open, so did not open the Dijon or another.
Now that it has set for 24 hours, it is just a bit better, but I liked it all along. It has negligible sodium in each serving. I have over a cup of this stuff. I wonder if it has to be used up to keep from killing anyone. Probably not. Maybe I will put it over chicken for a marinade and then bake it. After 72 hours, it is even better.

Baby Kale Blend: red chard, cauliflower, red cabbage, baby kale, carrots, broccoli. This is a new Marketside product.

If I don't respond for the next couple of days, know I will be busy. You can listen to and watch this and know I am inspired. Click on bottom right. Lower the volume as there is loud jangly music to start.
Your turn
What do you use in salad dressing? I will not go buy anything right now, maybe never. 


  1. I am a cheater when it comes to salad dressing. For Italian I use one of the Good Season's mixes and for creamy I mix up an envelope of Hidden Valley Ranch. They taste so much better than bottled dressings and actually have less sodium than many of the bottled dressings. In my opinion most bottled dressings have a weird texture/mouth feel. Since you are not planning on buying and new ingredients I would say that you are on the right track. You might try adding a clove of minced garlic and maybe a little basil or a pinch of oregano although I suspect that might be exactly what is in Italian seasoning. You could also add a spoon of Parmesan cheese.

    1. Janet,
      All your suggestions sound great. I'll remember those. Less sodium is my goal in all this. I would prefer some nice ranch dressing, but I am trying to do what is best for me. I think I will go have another salad with turkey. Thanks.

  2. My favorite salad dressing is crispy bacon and mayonnaise. I eat it on my fresh lettuce and tomato salad, which is placed on buttered toast.

    1. Jess,
      That sounds delicious. I would use Miracle Whip. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. I have a recipe for a citrus dressing that I really like.


    1. Janie,
      Post it here on this post and I will be able to find it. YUM, sounds good.

  4. 3 T. Lemon juice, 1/2 c. olive oil, 2 T dijon mustard, herbs, Salt & pepper. Mix in a 1/2 pint mason jar & put just a drizzle over salad & mix well. Amazing how much just a drizzle coats all the lettuce.

    1. DFW,
      Thanks. I like the mason jar idea. Mixing is easy in a jar. I suppose I will have to open the Dijon.

  5. Balsamic vinegar, olive oil, basil leaves and garlic. Dijon mustard when I have it - or seedy mustard.
    I don't add salt to anything these days. It took a whle before my taste buds adjusted but now even a little salt is too much.

    1. EC,
      Thanks for the suggestion. I love basil. It has become so easy to leave out salt. However, I never turn down salted food because it is delicious, just not healthy.

  6. Never made homemade dressing, but I plan to try this one out soon:

    Poppyseed Dressing:
    1/2 cup avocado oil (or any oil, such as olive oil)
    3 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar
    2 Tbsp. honey
    1 Tbsp. poppy seeds
    Pinch of ground dry mustard (optional)
    Salt and pepper

    1. tlc,
      I have everything except dry mustard! I will try this. Thanks.


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